Sunday, October 16, 2011

Unexpected Blessings

While talking with the hematologist today, he said something about how difficult our road has been.  I responded by saying something along the lines of: "Yes, but there have been a lot of really sweet times as well."  To which he replied, "Tell me about that."  So, I told him.  :-)

When people hear or read about our journey, they often feel sad for us.  Yes, there is much to be sad about.  We don't want our baby to ever feel pain or discomfort.  We miss our firstborn and desire wholeheartedly to be with him.  We miss our friends back home, and our cat is pretty lonely. 

But, that's just part of the story.  In the midst of this, there have been way too many blessings to count.  Not only are we getting to know so many truly wonderful people in this hospital, we are experiencing the Lord in ways we never would otherwise.  For example, in Jude's hospital room, there is a growing wall display of cards sent from people who are tangibly showing us that love...some of whom we have never met.  In addition, people have written us to tell them how Jude's little life is affecting their own.  A friend of mine even wrote me recently to tell me that our baby has encouraged her in a decision to adopt. 

And today, a cousin whom I have not seen since I was a kid, flew out here with her husband to spend the day with us.  Angie and Chris wanted to come out just to see us and let us know how much we were loved by her side of our family.  Isn't that incredible?  We had such a great time with them.  Thank you, guys!

We are fervently praying for our little man's healing.  As we wait, we rejoice in the small steps and are thanking God for all the blessings He is pouring out into our lives along the way. 

Please join us in praying...
  • for his platelets.  His body seems to be consuming them.  Please pray that his little body will produce and maintain the necessary amount.
  • for his kidneys.  They stopped dialysis today!!!  Praise God.  His urine output really needs to increase significantly, however, in order for that to continue.  Please pray he pees a lot.  :-)
  • for his lungs.  His respiratory muscles are weak, and the doctors are not having a lot of success trying to wean him off the ventilator.  Please pray that he will learn to breathe on his own. 
  • for his digestive system.  He is now getting 5ml an hour of breastmilk.  We are so proud of him for digesting so well.  His poop looks great!  Please pray that he continues to digest well.
  • for his head.  Please pray that his head incision will stop leaking.
Chris, Angie and One of the Two Sweetest Babies in the World :-)


amyfaith said...

praying for Jude's continued healing. so glad you were able to have a wonderful visit! being one of the people you haven't met, i want to thank you and our Father for your beautiful witness to His strength in our hard times. love from colorado :)

Angie and Chris said...

We love you so much. We are so thankful to you guys for welcoming us. We loved spending time with you and seeing Baby Jude!

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