Thursday, October 13, 2011

This is Grace

When Matt Hammitt visited on Friday, we talked about a man named John Knight.  We had heard about him through a sermon John Piper preached the day before we learned about Jude's diagnosis (see my post here).  John Knight runs a ministry for people with disabilities at Bethlehem Baptist Church and keeps a blog at   Matt told us that he wrote the song This is Grace after seeing this beautiful video about him and his family:

p.s.  The music on the blog is a lot louder than the video.  You can turn the music off at the bottom of the page.  

This is how God gripped us.  This is how God was merciful to us. He has given us something very, very precious through our son.  Our son is a gift. And it is because he has given us this little boy who is so different from every little boy I've ever met...I've never met a boy like Paul...that he has done the work in my heart, your heart, so many other people's hearts. And I want to tell that story.  This was grace.  This was grace.   -John Knight

We don't know yet the extent of Jude's needs.  But, we do know that God will enable us to face whatever challenges Jude might have.  Just as He is now.  And, we know that He will bless us abundantly through those very same challenges. We know that this path we are on is His good plan. This is His grace in our lives...and we are thankful.

Our littlest blessing continues to improve some.  He is still tolerating his milk well, and they even increased a little the amount that he is getting.  His urine output decreased a little, but the dialysis has pulled a lot of fluid off him.  So, he is significantly less swollen and lost an entire pound yesterday.  He is having trouble keeping his platelets up, so they are running some tests to determine what is going on.  Please pray that they can figure out why he has had to receive so many platelet transfusions...and that his platelets will stabilize. And, please continue to pray for overall healing.

We're so thankful to be able to be here with Jude.  Every day with him is precious, and we are cherishing the sweet, quiet moments.  What a blessing this journey has been to us.  Thanks for being  a part of it.


Julia said...

Oh the tears are flowing. I cannot help but realize the extend of my ingratitude seeing how much the Lord has called them and you to. How I grumble and complain at the smallest things and dont see His hand at work. Thanks for the powerful testimony of the Lord at work in the Knights and your lives. You encourage me so much.

The other day Caleb made an {awesome} lego car or something and asked me if I liked it better than Jude. I said no, I like Jude better. He said, yeah, I like Jude better too. Funny to see how those little minds process.

Jen said...

After watching the video I was left speechless. This man ran to his wife and child when they became ill. Some men run away from a sick wife. I am in shock after listening to this couple. Is this how people can really be?

Holly said...

That is such a great video. THANK YOU for sharing it! Jesus truly is the rock of refuge, the only sure and steady foundation to build your life on.

TusaRebecca said...

crying. Jesus does love the little children!

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