Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sundays vs. Mondays

So, it seems that we have a pattern here.
Lately, Sundays have been rather challenging.
But, Mondays have been significantly better.  :-)

While the issues we shared yesterday continue, we took a sweet step forward today.  This morning, Jude's doctor played with his ventilator settings.  He basically switched things up so that Jude gets similar support but has to take many, many more breaths on his own.  Our baby performed wonderfully.  He maintained a similar respiratory rate to what the machine was making him do yesterday, only he initiated the breaths on his own.  Not only that, but he seemed infinitely more comfortable today than he did yesterday.  The difference was amazing. 

We are so thankful for this step forward.  The doctor even mentioned possibly attempting to extubate him on Wednesday or Thursday.  Now, I know my baby and that things hardly ever go as planned with him.  But, we would LOVE to see him off the ventilator.  Please pray that Jude continues to improve in this area.  Getting that tube out would really help in his overall healing.

We have never heard him cry because his vocal cords are suppressed by his breathing tube.
I long to hear my baby's voice.

In other news, the little guy has some wound issue problems at the site of his PD catheter.  Please pray that the skin breakdown would stop and that healing would happen.  Better yet, please pray that they would no longer need the PD catheter and he could come off of dialysis.  Please continue to pray for his kidneys.  And while you're at it, please keep praying against infection and for healing for his head wound.  Thanks.  :-)

Brandon and I decided to go see the movie Courageous tonight.  If you haven't seen it, go.  Go now.  Turn off the computer and go see this movie.  You won't regret it.  It just might change your life.  Or your family.


Kel said...

I am sooo amazed at little Jude...you can see he wants to go home with you guys sooo bad. :) He is fighting to get the heck out of that hospital.....he'll get there! Glad you and B got out last night to see a movie. It was probably nice to get away for a few hours and focus on each other. Praying for more sweet times with your round toed baby doll!!! :)

gracenotesbysarah said...

Sweet Mandy...Jude continues to be in my prayers. You are such a beautiful reflection of Jesus through all of this....thank you. <3

Kelly H. said...

"I long to hear my baby's voice." oh, I pray that you will so very soon. love you bunches. xooxox

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