My name is Mandy

Welcome to the place where I get to share the things I find beautiful in this world.

As you will see, that mostly includes:

my family,
and most importantly...

I met my wonderful husband, Brandon,    
while working in Mexico with a campus ministry.    
We then moved to beautiful New Mexico    
to work with that same campus ministry, Cru.    
In 2006, our first son Caleb was born to us.    
On August 15, we welcomed Jude into the world.    
On October 21, he left our arms to be held by Jesus.    

We miss him everyday.  


~*Connie*~ said...

Your family is simply beautiful. I read through some of the last few months of your blog and I am truly inspired. Thank you for sharing your story and love for God!

Joanna said...

Mandy - Thank you for viewing our blog about our precious Caleb and your comment. I wish there was a way for me to email you through your blog. Our stories are so similiar, esp. as we lived by test results and trying to keep our precious ones bodies 'balanced'. They were always talking in medical terms and it could be so overwhelming. Thank you so much for reaching out to us and I hope there is a way to keep in touch somehow via email or FB rather then finding your comment in the blog. I didn't even know it was there...glad I stumbled across it. :) His richest blessings on your family! Hopefully Caleb and Jude are playing and running around heaven together...we miss him so!

Julie Kay Wolfe said...

Hi Mandy!

I am so happy for all of you! You will be MISSED greatly! Hope we can remain friends. My family and I enjioyed the books and I have some pictures for you. Will try to call you soon! I love you all so very much!

In His Steps'

Julie Kay Wolfe

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