Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Under Construction...

I have been doing some scheming and dreaming lately, and I am hoping to have a new blog (same address) up and running in the next few weeks.

So, until then, forgive the mess.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not exactly how the story went...

Caleb sometimes likes to act out Bible stories and often asks us to act with him. The following is this morning's enactment of 1 Samuel 3. The actors were as follows: God-Caleb Samuel-Brandon Eli-Mandy

God/Caleb: Samuel...Samuel...
Samuel/Brandon: (Waking up and thinking it was Eli calling him) What is it, Eli?
Eli/Mandy: (Sleeping but woken by Samuel) I didn't call you, Samuel.

Samuel goes back to bed...
God/Caleb: Samuel...Samuel...
Samuel/Brandon: (Wakes up and goes into Eli's room again) Eli, why did you call me?
Eli/Mandy: I didn't call you. (Then, realizing it might be God) If you hear it again, say, "Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening."

Samuel goes back to bed...
God/Caleb: Samuel...Samuel...
Samuel/Brandon: Speak, Lord. I am listening. What do you want from me?
God/Caleb: (Pausing to think about it...and then jumping on the opportunity) Will you come play with me? Let's play house.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Empathy Week

In about a month, Cru is hosting something called Empathy Week through the organization iEmpathize.  I will share more in the coming weeks, but please pray for us as we address on campus the issue of human trafficking...in particular child sex slavery.  We really hope to raise awareness and money to help end the tragedy of modern day slavery.  And we need a lot of help doing it.  Please pray.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Star Trails

Yesterday, to celebrate Mother's Day, the three of us had a great time camping at City of Rocks State Park.  Usually when we go camping, we head to the tent early.  This is due to the fact that it's easier for Caleb to get to sleep that way, as well as the fact that, apart from making s'mores, there usually isn't a whole lot to do after dark.

That was definitely not the case last night.

I have never seen such stars.  This park is far away from everything and has very little light pollution.  I seriously wanted to cry several times looking up and thinking of the One who made the universe...and me.  One of the very best ways I can meet with God is outside in beautiful places.  He has been doing a lot in my heart over this past week,  and so the opportunity to stay up after Brandon and Caleb went to bed was beyond precious.  I spent time stargazing, reading Counterfeit Gods (amazing) by Tim Keller, praying in my journal, and playing with my camera.

The above shot was one of two I took of the sky.  I have been wanting to learn how to capture star trails, and after a few attempts I learned how to keep my shutter open long enough to capture half an hour's movement of the stars in the sky.  I couldn't see anything, so the composition was pretty blind.  But, I LOVE how they turned out.  I smothered some screams and jumped up and down around our campsite when I saw that it had worked. I can't wait to try it again.

"When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you had set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?" (Psalm 8:3-4)  Thank You, Father.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Catching up...

Over the past few months, we've...

*had a great time in ministry. We are so grateful that God has placed us where He has.  DCC was great for us, and it has been so fun seeing Him work in lives around us.

*been to our fifth marriage conference. This year, we went to a Weekend to Remember conference again and loved it. Such great stuff!! For our date night, we rode the NM RailRunner up to the Plaza in Santa Fe. It was a favorite Valentine's Day. :-) Next year, we hope to go to a Love and Respect conference.

*thoroughly enjoyed college basketball season...with K-State being ranked 6 and Purdue 3. Robbie Hummel's devastating accident last night may have ended the potential to go to Indianapolis in the Final Four, but one can still hope.  It makes me sick to my stomach to think about it.

*still loved living in New Mexico.  This place is so beautiful, and after spending a month traveling throughout the Midwest...we're not missing the cold at all.  I just wish our family and friends would move out here too.

*prayed through infertility.  I hope to update more on this relatively soon.  It always seems to be hard for me to put into words what has been going on here, and several started posts have not been completed.  Maybe now that I am putting this in writing, I can follow through with an update.  We'll see.

*seen Caleb's eye doctor.  He has complained of pain in his eyes.  So, we took him in for a check-up last Friday.  His eyes are still much improved and surgery is still not needed.  Thanks, God.  I was also concerned about Caleb's vision.  We checked it, and he has eye sight that is better than a four-year-old's.  We're so grateful.  The pain in his eyes were attributed to possible allergies or just occasional blurriness or double vision.  We'll see as he gets older and can communicate better what he is seeing.  The doctor's not worried about it though.

*dropped our external hard drive with countless pictures and files on it.  Okay, maybe it was me who dropped my external hard drive...but I couldn't change the subject of my original sentence.  I am hoping to be able to recover a lot of files, but many pictures are gone.  Bummer.  Word of warning:  be very careful with your EHD.  Dropping=Data Loss
*busted a power door on our minivan.  Okay, again, I can take responsibility for that one.  I was frustrated because Caleb wasn't listening to me.  He shut the door to the car just as I was putting some stuff in the car.  It is automatic, so I pushed the door back open with my hip as it was closing on me.  I heard it snap, and the result was a $1122 price tag.  Ouch.  And, it was because I was angry and not responding well.  Stiff consequence for my sin...but God is using it for growth in my life.

*been praying for Haiti and asking God how He would have us help.  That, along with the trials that so many of our friends are going through, give us perspective and remind us that "in this world we will have trouble.  But, take heart, I have overcome the world."  John 16:33

Monday, January 25, 2010

Geaux Saints!

We are definitely Colts fans around here, and we're elated to see them in the Super Bowl. But, I am more than anything a Boilermaker! So, watching Drew Brees and the Saints make it to the Super Bowl last night was too fun. Brees was the quarterback at Purdue while I was there, and we graduated in the same class.

A friend of mine, Connie, sent me the link to this video just now, and I had to share it. In this interview, Brees talks about his faith in God and how much the Lord has done in his life to get him to New Orleans. And as far as the Super Bowl goes, I am definitely rooting for the Colts, but I won't be disappointed if New Orleans wins. NOLA needs this.

And I will update this blog someday...just need to get caught up on a few other things first. :-)