Thursday, October 6, 2011

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

In Indiana, fall is marked by the changing colors and smells of the leaves.
In New Mexico, fall brings with it the smell of roasting green chile
and the beautiful colors of the hot-air balloons.

Early Sunday, we drove to our friends Kyle and Chrissy's house.
From there, we all rode bikes to see hundreds of balloons lift off for the mass ascension.
It is an unbelievable experience to walk among the colors and excitement of the balloon launch.
I absolutely love this state.

Jude is "penciled in" for surgery on Friday.
We are grateful and eager for that to happen,
but we are still trusting that God would guide everyone involved according to the best time for him.
 He alone knows what exactly is going on in our little man's body.
And, we are so thankful that Jude is in His powerful hands.  
Thanks for praying with us.

p.s.  The storyboards I used above and below can be found here.  It's a great site!


tasha said...

So beautiful-I love how you've embraced your home there! Roasted green chilies sounds wonderful...praying for Jude and his "penciled in" surgery. Love you, friend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Continuing to hold your family and precious Jude in His light. <3

julie wolfe said...

Great news that surgery is penciled in. My family and all my friends that I have been able to pray for Jude(and you and Brandon)will be praying. Love you guys so much!

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