Friday, October 14, 2011

2 Months

Our sweet Baby Jude is 2 months old tomorrow.  In honor of our little man's August 15th birthday,
I thought I'd list 15 things you might not know about him.

  • He was born with light hair, and now he has dark hair and eyebrows.  Caleb was born with dark hair and is now blonde.
  • He really does not like dirty diapers.
  • He likes his room to be dark.  Often when we dim the lights, he opens his eyes. 
  • He drives his nurses crazy with his incredible skills at wiggling out of his head dressings.  He is very intentional about it.  
  • He has tiny little balls for toes.  They are precious.
  • He has beautiful blue eyes.
  • His eyelids flip inside out a little when he is swollen and crying.
  • He swings his arms very purposefully at people who are doing something he doesn't like.
  • He likes back scratches...just like the entire Pelton side of his family.
  • He has a sweet little button nose. 
  • He likes Goodnight Moon and The Jesus Storybook Bible.
  • He doesn't like oral care, but he is well prepared for the dentist.
  • He might be getting teeth pretty soon.  
  • He is super flexible.
  • He is a beautiful gift from the Lord, and we are so thankful for him. 


Cassie said...

That is the cutest little foot I have ever seen. :) You are right on with the description of his toes. Love you guys!

amyfaith said...

love those rolly polly toes! Happy Birthday Jude! Lord's continued blessings on all the Pelton crew! Prayers continue to our perfect Father who surrounds Jude with Himself.

Kristy said...

happy 2nd month baby jude! i just want to kiss your toes. wish i could! mwah! please tell your big brother luca, jared & ainsley miss him. keep shocking our pants off with the love of God that you & your beautiful family reflect. love & blessings for healing, the mcpeas

Liz and Phil said...

Happy birthday jude! We love now knowing those things about him. Thanks for sharing...does my heart so good since we can't be there! Love you!!!!!

fizznick said...

Happy Birthday, Jude! You popped into my head so many times today!

Katie said...

Mandy, I LOVED this post, so sweet and his little toes are absolutely adorable!

Julia said...

LOVE it!! He's just precious. I love his little ball toes, too! Is he seriously about to get teeth?

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