Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Good Day

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Today was overall a good day. 

The good: 
I spent seriously ALL DAY in bed next to our little guy.
Wonderful friends came to visit us.
Jude is digesting his milk well.  :-D
His CRP and white blood cell count were down.  Yay!
Surgery will hopefully be Monday or Tuesday.  Praying so...
Kansas State beat #15 ranked Baylor.

The not-so-good: 
Jude had a fever off and on today.  Please keep praying.
Our great doctor has to go home to Oregon.
We overslept and missed the Balloon Fiesta. 
Purdue lost to Notre Dame.

Thanks so much for your prayers.  We're doing well. 
Sooooo thankful for you all.  :-)

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Diana Maldonado Tiscareno said...

Pensando diariamente en udS linda familia. Los extraniamos y seguimos orando!
Dios los bendiga =)

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