Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shhhh...Don't tell Jude!

It seems that every time we're approaching heart surgery, some complication arises.  Whether it's a subdural hematoma, pneumonia or a cerebrospinal fluid leak, we have had several setbacks in our journey towards this very necessary next step.  So, today as we discussed the timing for his heart surgery, his doctor, Jennie, said "Shhh...don't tell Jude."  We don't want him to get any ideas into his head. 

His CRP level went up some today, but overall our cute baby has been pretty consistent in his numbers and has looked good clinically.  It seems that Jude isn't going to get to an ideal place for surgery, and so Jennie is pushing for surgery on Monday.  Unless something crazy happens, that is the plan as of now.

So, please pray:
  • that his body would be free of infection at the time of surgery and that he would be able to have that surgery soon. 
  • that he would continue to digest well the feedings he is receiving as I write this.  This is attempt #3, and we are hoping they can continue giving him milk this time. 
  • that we would experience still more just how strong the Lord is in our weakness. 
  • that the Lord would continue to give wisdom to the wonderful people such as these who are taking care of our littlest:  
Jennie, Jude's doctor, and Rod, Jude's nurse tonight.   Notice the bunny ears.  :-)


chris said...

Praying! Love you guys!

Karen said...

Mandy and Brandon----great to see the faces of those caring for Jude. May God expand their wisdom and skill as they pour it all out for your little guy. Love you!

amyfaith said...

my prayers continue right from your lists :) Praising God for His strength in your weakness, thanking you all for your testimony.
love, prayers & miracles! amyfaith

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