Sunday, October 9, 2011

The One About the Burglary

We received a call this morning that our house had been burglarized.
Apparently, it was only a matter of time.
Our nurse said that it's not uncommon for it to happen to people staying here with their kids.
Someone kicked our front door in and ransacked our bedroom.
Because of a misunderstanding on our part,
we thought that our social security cards, passports, and birth certificates had been stolen.
I spent much of the morning trying to start the process of preventing identity theft.
Instead, we found out that only Brandon's hunting rifles had been stolen.

Although we have lived by the border for seven years now,
we have felt relatively untouched by the violence happening an hour south.
That's not true anymore.
By the look of our room they seemed to be looking specifically for guns.
Weapons are trafficked across the border all the time.  It's a hot market.
And apparently they thought our house might have some.

We are very grateful that nothing else was taken.
But, I wonder about the guns...
Who is going to get them?
What will they be used for?
Please pray that the thieves would be apprehended along with the guns.

Brandon is home tonight getting things in order.  I am here with Jude.
He is doing great...heavily sedated and sweetly sleeping.
And, he is as cute as ever.
There are lots of things that we're thankful for today:
The four of us are safe.  When we found out, that was my first thought.  Nothing else mattered.
Millie, our cat, is okay.  The door wasn't left open, so she didn't escape.  She is acting scared though.
The door that was broken was waiting to be replaced anyway.  I can get a pretty new door.  :-)
Friends stopped by just as we were finding out.  They ended up being Brandon's ride home.
The burglary probably happened yesterday, but that would have been a bad day to find out.
Two men were arrested in our neighborhood for car burglaries yesterday.  See article here.

Today, I have felt the Lord's care for us.  He is taking care of the details.

Please check out the "Please Pray" tab at the top of the blog.
I finally updated it.  As I mentioned yesterday, he still has a long road ahead of him. 
 Some of that road includes: 
The little boy still has to learn to eat.  He also has to be weaned off the ventilator.
His kidneys need to start functioning again.  And, he really needs to stay infection free.

Thank you!!

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Nicole Johnson said...

Dear Brandon and Mandy,
I got a link to your blog last night through a prayer request on a friends facebook. I spent an emotional 5 hours reading about your journey, smiling, bawling, but mostly, praying. You have such an inspirational story and truly amazing family. Although you don't know me, I feel as though I know you through your writing. I will be sharing your prayer requests if you don't mind. Also, if there is anything at all I or my family can do for you, we'd be honored. We can patrol your house, help with anything that needs to be taken care of in Las Cruces, assist with financial support, you name it. I'm also always looking for an excuse to visit Alb. so if you need errands run or things brought up from Cruces, I'm your gal! Please know your in my prayers and Jude will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!
In Christ,
Nicole Johnson

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