Monday, August 1, 2011

The Summer Bucket List: An End-of-Summer Progress Report

So, technically it's not the end of the summer yet.  It is starting to feel like it, however.  There is much to do... not only to get ready to leave on Friday for an unknown amount of time, but also to start ministry planning for the fall and get as ready as we can to bring home a very loved little boy. 

We knew the time would go fast.  We also knew that this would be the last time together as a family of three with a relatively easy schedule.  So, to take advantage of the extra time we had, Caleb and I made a summer bucket list.  I got the idea of a list (and many of the activities) from this post I had linked to earlier, and the bucket idea from this blog.  Although we were pretty ambitious in what we thought we could accomplish, we had so much fun trying out new activities such as making rainbow rice, drawing with sidewalk chalk in the rain, and making sailboats out of juice boxes.  We also checked out new places we have always intended to visit such as a train museum here in town and a space museum in Alamo.  We even attempted sledding (finally) at White Sands.  The only one who actually made it down a dune was Koala.  Caleb was too scared, and I was too pregnant.  Brandon was in Colorado.  :-)

We're unsure how long we'll be up north...or how much time we'll have before baby.  But, besides doctor's appointments, we should have plenty of free time.  So, what are some fun, (preferably free) things to do in Albuquerque?  I'd love any suggestions.  :-)


tasha said...

what a good idea, mandy. you are such a good mommy - i can just imagine how much fun you and caleb have together. :) great photos to capture the list, too. i'm impressed!

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

I just checked out my bucket list this morning to see how much I accomplished. I was too generous in thinking what I could accomplish. But it has been fun to have some goals to work toward. I think I'll carry over the undone goals to a Fall Bucket List.

You will be in my prayers, Mandy. It was great to "meet you" through the mym group.

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