Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last Night

Good morning.

We are just waking up after staying up late beside our sweet little guy.  We are soon to get update about how the rest of his night went.  I was there 'til four and Brandon 'til 1:30.  He is having problems keeping his blood pressure in a good place.  It was often way too low or sometimes too high.  They are administering Dopamine to keep it where it needs to be, and the nurse had to be very vigilant last night.  They are also watching his oxygen levels as they are fluctuating a lot.  They don't know what it means yet, but then the nurses don't usually tell us what they think.  That's what the doctors do, and I am sure we'll be meeting with them sometime soon. 

Jude is scheduled to get another MRI done today.  They should know more then. 

We are getting ready to leave the hospital today.  We have been staying in a great little family room here, and other families need it.  We don't know where we're going next, but our hotel room is still available.  We want to be closer though. 

Please pray that his levels stabilize.  Please pray that the MRI shows good things.  The plan for his brain at this point is to wait and watch the three other areas of bleeding to see whether they are inside the brain or outside...and then they'll know how to proceed.  The blood should get reabsorbed with time, and it will present a clearer picture. 

We are also hoping to move back to Presbyterian as soon as he has recovered from this surgery.  It will be there that they will perform the surgery on the coarctation.  It seems that the problems with the oxygen levels have something to do with that...because the monitor on his foot that is measuring how much oxygen the lower part of his body is getting (hindered by the narrowing of his aorta...the coarc) is acting not too happy.  But, I am not a doctor.  Hopefully we'll know more today.

We are going to get Caleb back today...since we'll be able to live with him again.  We are looking forward to it, but I am also a little apprehensive due to the fact he can't come here and we can't be here together whenever one of us is with him.  We have people who can watch him, but it will be more of a challenge to manage all of that.



BARBIE said...

Hi Mandy. I heard about your precious Jude through FaithBlogs. I just wanted to let you know I am praying for your precious little one, for you and for your family. May God bring complete healing to Jude's body and peace, rest and strength to all of you.

Jen said...

Love you and praying for you. I am so glad your Mom and Dad can be there with you and your family. Just know if there is anything I can do from Muncie I will. Love Aunt Jen PS Emily and Kristen asked you to check into the Ronald McDonald house for a place to stay. Em said to check with Social Services at the hospital.

facesintheclouds said...

Mandy and Brandon...I am keeping up with all that is going on and I read your updates with tears...but know that I love you guys and am praying for you all and especially for little Jude...he has awesome parents!! I have sent your blog to some good friends who will pray also!

facesintheclouds said...

Oh by the way...facesintheclouds is me...Alice! sorry you only got my website address.

Katie said...

Faithblogs is praying for you and sweet little Jude!

With love,
Katie Troup and the Faithblogs team

rich menninger said...

Philippians 4.6-9

Abigail said...

Mandy--we continue to pray and have asked friends and family to join us in praying for your family and for precious little Jude. Sure we wish were closer so we could help in more ways, for now, we will pray a lot.

Angie (Howard) Dunsmore said...

Mandy, Want to let you know that we are praying for you and Jude. Your Dad is keeping my mom (Debbie) and Sandi updated. Dean (my brother) posted this blog on his facebook and I am thankful that I now have a way to follow your little man's progress. Much love to you all from Indiana.

Ian Ray said...

August 19, 2011

Hi Brandon and Mandy:

Matt Olson updated the youth group on your precious little boy Jude and we have been praying for all of you. I just read your blog too. Here’s my prayer for little Jude and you all.

Lord God Almighty:

I praise you because you are good, great, all knowing, and all powerful. I thank you for the precious gift of life that you have given Jude Pelton. I thank you that you love him and Brandon, Mandy and Caleb. Father, I specifically want to lift up Jude to you right now. I ask that you just bless and protect him. Please surround him with your holy angels and your divine protection. I thank you for blessing each of us with unique skills and abilities, and I pray especially for those doctors/nurses who are caring for Jude. Grant them extra skill, ability and wisdom to know how to stop Jude’s hemorrhaging and how to stabilize his blood pressure, and any other health issues that need to be dealt with. Please protect Brandon and Mandy’s precious new son. I thank you that you are in charge of this whole situation and that we can approach you with our requests.

Lord, here I am trying to imagine how I would feel if one of my children were facing the challenges that Jude is. I must admit that it would be overwhelming without your strength and support. So, I also want to lift up Mandy, Brandon and Caleb. I pray that you just surround them with your peace and your presence. Encourage them and give them strength. I know you are very pleased with them and ask that you give them the strength and wisdom they will need to care for Jude as he grows up. Bless Jude as he grows and I thank you for the joy that his life will bring to their home. Lord, we know that you also love Jude, with a perfect and holy love that surpasses even the love of a parent for their child, and that you do have great plans for Jude. So Lord, I thank you in advance for hearing our prayers and for intervening on Jude’s behalf. Please help him in everyway that he needs. We ask these things of you in the name of your precious son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

We love you

Ian, Karen, Austin, Nicole, and Alexis Ray

Kay Christensen said...

Mandy, I am your dad's cousin and Tod just shared your blog with me. I want you to know that I will be standing with you in prayer for your precious baby boy. I appreciate your specific requests and will be lifting those up to our Lord. May He continue to provide Jude with healing and you and your family with patience and peace.

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