Sunday, August 21, 2011

God is Good

I never know what to put as a post title,
so I am just going to use it to praise God today.  :-)

Once again, THANK YOU for everything.
So many friends have asked us, "What can we do?"
The very, very, very best thing you guys can do for us is to keep praying. 
As friends and family leave to go home, I am sure we will see more needs.
At this point, we really need prayer.  

Sweet little boy has been looking much better.  He has had relatively stable blood pressure and oxygen levels, with some crazy fluctuations after they change his fluids.  We got to hold him for over four hours yesterday.  This is always very special because it is such a long process to get him and all his tubes ready to be moved into someone's arms.  So, yesterday was a good day.  

We are waiting til Monday to hear back from the cardiologists over at Pres.  It has been nice having the weekend with him to just spend time with him...not expecting any news for a little while.  We're just enjoying him. 

Please Pray: 
We are continually astounded at how many people are praying for us.
So, I want to ask you to please pray for some other needs that are burdening my heart:

My Cousin Andrea
Last Saturday night, there was a stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair during a Sugarland concert.
Andrea was in the front row, and she is now in very critical condition at Methodist in Indianapolis.
I am being updated by my dad via her mom,
and he says that it all seems similar to what we're going through with Jude.
Please pray for her healing and her family...
and if anyone knows of a link I could put on here with updates on her, please tell me.
She is married to Mike and has a daughter, Lydia.

Josh and Erin
Josh and Brandon are friends from K-State.
Their baby was recently born very premature. 
His name is Harrison, and he is in a NICU in Colorado.

Milan and Lena
Their 5-month-old daughter was recently diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy.
You can read more here (hopefully): 

 Baby Jude
Please pray again that the cardiologists and cardiac surgeons
would be very willing to do what my little boy needs right now.

Please pray that the Lord would continue to show him how much he is loved...
especially through us.
Please go see this post again and watch the video.
The lyrics to this song have been playing in my head throughout all this.
So grateful for Matt and Sarah.  

Please pray that they would be able to go way down on his dopamine levels.
The dopamine is managing his blood pressure,
and the level was really high last night...meaning he needs lots of help.
They think it's the brain and not the heart that's causing this.

Please pray for miraculous healing in his brain.
His brain controls everything his body does,
and the doctors are very bleak in their prognosis.
But, God is the One who is in control of everything. 


Kristy said...

I can't get over how beautiful Jude is...and your family pics are just lovely. Caleb is so brave! I'm glad he actually likes Jude...that is precious. Yesterday Jared told me that he wants to go to Caleb's church :) God's heart is so loving and good toward us. Your heart and writing is beautiful Mandy. Thank you for updating all of us so often. We are praying your list (as another friend said yesterday). Can't imagine your grief and stress. He is holding you close. We love you! Kristy & family

Carla Carlise said...
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Carla Carlise said...

I have been praying for baby Jude!! I can't imagine what you are going through and I know you have to be a strong woman to be able to go through this with such courage. God bless you, little Caleb, baby Jude and the entire family. I'll keep praying.

KristinMiller said...

Mandy, Shane and I are thinking and praying for you guys. I'm sure keeping up the blog is last thing on your mind, but we certainly appreciate the updates. Lots of love, KK

Russ said...

Mandy, Brandon, Caleb and Jude
, my thoughts and prayers are with you, know that God
Is with you every minute, and has you foremost in his care.
I am heading to a special spot tomorrow here in beautiful Maine, ( Maine botanical gardens. )where there is a meditation and prayer garden, amongst the pines,next to the ocean. I will spend some time there with your family foremost in my prayers.
The pics are beautiful !
Again my best
Uncle Russ

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