Monday, August 22, 2011


 Tonight, I am grateful...
  • that we heard today from the cardiologists at Presbyterian. They are thinking we'll move him over there on Tuesday. That was great news! Please pray that they will decide to move forward with the surgery.
  • that I got to see my little boy's eyes for the first time tonight when the nurse checked for his response.  They are the same color Caleb's were.  :-)
  • that I got to touch his sweet little mouth for the first time today.
  • for friends and family who share our burdens...doing our laundry, bringing us bagels, taking Caleb to the zoo, taking care of our cat, Millie, etc. 
  • for the amazing work of art that is the human body.  As we learn more and more about our little boy's struggles, we have been marveling at how incredibly complex we are as humans and how very great a gift we've been given when everything is working together.  The doctors and nurses know so much, yet they know so little still.  We're so grateful for them, but our trust is in the Lord.
  • for sleep. 


Debbie said...

I love you so much. I have been thinking about you, Brandon, Caleb, and little Jude constantly~ and praying constantly. When I listen to Fernando Ortego singing, 'Give Me Jesus,' I am so comforted in thinking of you. Here is a link:
Love you guys, Debbie (your 2nd Mom)

Anonymous said...

We love you guys and continue to pray for you! So sweet that you were able to see Jude's eyes and touch his mouth. Such little things that we normally take for granted in our children. Praying for continued strength and peace! Love, Laura

Jen said...

I pray you have a very peaceful sleep with out any bad dreams. It is the only way to stay sane in terrible times.

Pilgreen said...

I found my way to your blog and am catching up on what's happening with your sweet Jude. I have been praying for you all. Please let me know if we can do anything for you while you're in Albuquerque.
Love to you all,

Jen Kane said...

Mandy and Brandon!
We keep praying for you, Caleb, and your sweet little Jude! Amen to your trust in the LORD! Our NICU drs and nurses told us Sarah and Evan would be there for 6 weeks...BUT...we surrendered our children to God and they came home with us two weeks after they were born, the day before my birthday. We still give God the glory for our healthy 14-month-olds!...We're claiming the same for you and Jude in the name of JESUS!
Might all of you get sweet rest tonight and have more powerful testimonies of God's goodness to share tomorrow!
Love and prayers,
Jen, Brian, Sarah, and Evan

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