Friday, July 29, 2011

To bring you up to date...

 On Thursday, we made our last day trip up to Albuquerque.  Several important decisions were made.

They include:
  • We are moving up there next Friday, August 5th...earlier than I had originally thought.
  • If he hasn't made his appearance yet, I will be induced on August 30th.
  • I will continue to be seen weekly by both the OB and the perinatologist.
Other updates include: 
  • The baby has dropped and has moved into position.  Please pray he goes full term.
  • My mom will be spending much of the month there with us.  She gets into town on the 10th.
  • She got a great deal (practically half price) on her extended stay hotel, and so she got us a room too!  So, we have a place to stay during the weeks before Little One comes...and we'll be near her.
  • I can sleep!  Since the day we asked for prayer in our June newsletter, I have slept amazingly ever since...after 5 weeks of serious insomnia.  Such a great God!
  • Baby is growing at a normal rate.  Everything still looks good.
  • I think we have a name...that we will keep secret until he is born.  I have such a hard time not telling every store clerk and friend who asks, however.  And, I am notorious for changing my mind. So, we'll see...
Random things to mention:
  • People (including doctors) in Albuquerque refer to Las Cruces as "up there," even though we're three hours south. I think it's the weirdest thing.
  • Have I mentioned that our doctors up there are incredible?  I am trying to convince our OB to move down here.  She's considering it.  :-) 
  • In fact, there are several people we like a whole lot up there.  Sweet blessing.

So, now we have less than a week to prepare for the month(?)-long stay up well as to prepare for the baby and life after baby.  I had plenty of ambitious plans for nesting that won't happen.  I probably could have spent less time on Pinterest and more time organizing our home and filling my freezer with some of the meals I intended to cook.  Oh well.  We get to come back with a baby!  And, Brandon's a great cook.  :-)

Thanks again so much for reading this...
and for caring.

We feel very loved
by everyone who has
written, prayed, called,
texted, fed us, etc. 

We praise God for you!


missy said...

praying for you as you prepare. so thankful for the prayers already answered and wait in hope for those to come.

Bethany said...

Aren't mommas wonderful? So glad yours is able to be close and help you guys out... and that you have a place to stay now! I am praying for you and your family!

tasha said...

thanks for the update. we will continue to pray for you all and for transition ahead. praise God for the good news of sleep, a place to stay and your mom being there with you all...can't wait to hear that boy's sweet name and sweet his face!

Kellie said...

Thank you so much for writing this blog and letting me still be a part of your lives.

When you have an address in Alb, will you send it to me in a text or on facebook? I have something I want to send to Caleb. ;)

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

Thanks for the prayer list, I will be praying, Mandy. So awesome about you being able to sleep now!

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