Friday, August 26, 2011

ABC Nursery

As we were walking out the door to head up here to Albuquerque, I snapped a few photos of Jude's room.  They are blurry from the low morning light and slow shutterspeed, but I thought I would share them anyway.
Please continue to pray him home. 

Pretty much everything in the room was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.  You can see the sites I pinned here.  The alphabet wall isn't done yet, and I still need to put something up above the crib.  My amazing husband built the bookshelves, and I love them.  I studied elementary education in college, and I have loved children's books ever since.  I collect them at garage sales.  I wanted forward facing bookshelves, but the only ones I had ever seen were ridiculously expensive Pottery Barn ones.  Now, I am so looking forward to reading those books to our littlest...and hoping that someday he will even try to climb them.  :-)

Thanks so much for praying.  A few more requests to ask you to lift up tonight:
  • He had an MRI today, and we will learn the results tomorrow.  Please pray that we would trust the Lord no matter what the results reveal.  Please pray for healing in his little brain.
  • His lung is still filled with secretions and hasn't changed.  It is not uncommon with the ventilator.  Please pray that they can get that junk out of his system.
  • His platelet level increased on its own today!  Such an answer to we were discussing with the doctor earlier what the low platelet level could mean...and the options weren't good. Please pray that his body would produce the amount of platelets he needs and that his bleeding wouldn't be a problem anymore.
  • He is still off the dopamine.  His blood pressure has been good.  Thanks so much for your prayers.  
  • My parents left today, and they took our firstborn with them.  He is now safely in Illinois.  Thank you for praying for the transition.  He hasn't missed us at all.  :-) 


Kelly H. said...

What an ADORABLE room! we have the same crib! i'm totally stealing your pins to freshen up our nursery. ;) So happy you got some encouraging news about little Jude. I'm praying for your family throughout the day--you're on my heart! xoxoxo

tasha said...

you guys did such a good job on the nursery -love all of it. your alphabet letters look awesome and i love those bookshelves! we will pray your little jude home, for sure.

Abigail said...

I love your nursery! We continue to lift Jude up in prayers and all of our children are praying too!

Chris and Kathryn Curtis said...

As beautiful as the nursery is, your son is a hundred times more beautiful. Thanks for sharing and you are in our prayers and hearts. I hope that one day he will be climbing on those shelves. What little boy could resist?

Jen said...

I have never seen a more beautiful baby's room in my life..... so much love showing in it. Love the book shelves too! What a great home you two have made for your family. XOXOXO

Helen in Denver, CO said...

What a beautiful nursery Baby Jude is going home to!! God is blessing your family daily with Jude's progress. Your family has mighty prayer warriors out here continually praying for all your family.
May God continue to bless you and just visualize Jude in His healing hands each minute of the day.

Anonymous said...

My brother Lucas shared your blog. Jude is absolutely precious! Lifting your prayer requests to the Great Healer and praying for strength for your family as you wait for the results of the MRI. I realize it can be tough being away from home-I live in Albuquerque so if you need anything, please feel free to email me at: You can also get my phone number from Lucas and/or Christy.
Patricia Lopez

Emily Cross said...

Hi Mandy,
This is your cousin. I just want you to know that you guys are in our prayers everyday. Aunt Hester put you guys in her prayer chain too. If you need anything, you just let us know. I look so forward to your updates and pics. All my love to you guys and we miss you.


Angela said...

Oh, sweet friends, the Dormish family is praying for you and your little guy!! He is just beautiful. I adore his room. Love all your fun ideas. I have similar shelves for our books in our school room down stairs.:) He is just precious and so blessed to have you, Mandy and Brandon for his mommy and daddy. Praying for strength for you all! We love you, guys, so much!

emily anderson said...

Love his nursery! Praying for sweet Jude.

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