Tuesday, August 23, 2011

From UNM to Presbyterian

 Today, we began a new phase of our life here.

Sweet Baby Boy made a great transition to his new place.  Thanks so much to all of you who prayed.  God answered those prayers.  He is in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit instead of the NICU now.  The rules are more relaxed, we have our own room, and everything just feels more peaceful outside of the NICU.  We were apprehensive about leaving UNM where we had loved so many people and so many people had loved Jude.  But, the Lord continues to show His care for us as we take this next step in our son's journey.

We were told that we can expect surgery in a week or so.  In the meantime, the plan is to continue to let him recover from the neurosurgery.  We're obviously incredibly grateful for this plan...and so thankful for the hand of God over it all.  We have the expertise of Pres' cardiologists and cardiac surgeon 1.7 miles away from the expertise of UNM's neurologists and neurosurgeons.  Looking back on this week, we can see so many reasons to praise God. 

We are in the process of deciding what would be best for Caleb.  We can't give him the time he needs right now, and it has been challenging figuring out his care each day.  Friends and family have been a tremendous blessing to us as they have entertained him and cared for him.  He has been having a great time.  And now, Brandon's sister and brother-in-law have offered to take him indefinitely, and he is really excited about the idea.  They live in Illinois. He could see all of his cousins, and it would be the ideal situation for him.  So, we are looking at the immediate future without our (big) little boy.  It makes us really sad to think about that, but we know that there is no better option for him right now.

 Please pray...
  • for the logistics of getting Caleb out to Illinois.  As of now, we're thinking the plan involves a plane ticket, my parents, and some driving...as early as Thursday.
  • for us as we say goodbye.  Pray we can prep both him and ourselves well.  It took him much less convincing than it took us.  :-) 
  • that we would continue to learn more about what it means to let the Lord carry our burdens.  Apart from everything happening with Jude, a few other things have come up that weigh heavily on my heart. 
  • for Baby Boy's swelling.  He has gained over two pounds of weight from all the fluids they are putting in his body.  He isn't peeing them out as well as he was before.  We want to see lots of pee and less swelling for the poor little guy.  Please pray that the swelling decreases so much that he can open his eyes.  He tries, but his eyelids are just so thick with swelling.  Everything else looked really stable today, and he stayed off the dopamine.  :-)  Grateful for that.

Praise be to the Lord,
to God our Savior,
who daily bears our burdens.
Psalm 68:19


tasha said...

oh, that sweet, sweet face. we will pray for jude's swelling and for this week of continued recovery and (hopefully) rest for all of you. we'll pray for caleb and his set up and you guys as i'm sure you will miss him. praising God with you for the things he's done and continuing to pray and trust him for more. we are so thankful for your precious family, mandy.

brookeriffel335 said...

Still praying!! When my second son was born 9 months ago, he was in the NICU for only 10 days, but I remember how difficult it was for my older son. I am praying for you to find comfort in knowing that Caleb will be with family and having fun with his cousins!! I know how hard that will be for you. I am also praising God for everything he is doing for you and Jude.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely picture of your precious babe! We are continuing to pray! As hard as it may be for you to have Caleb leave to go stay with his aunt & uncle, try not to see it as your "only" option -- try to see it as Caleb's "best option & answers to prayer on his behalf!!" Right now you need to concentrate on little Jude. And it will be great for Caleb to have someone concentrating on him, and making sure each day is special.
Praying that you will get some good rest, and that Jude will grow strong in this week as he waits for his next surgery!

Katie said...

He is beautiful! So glad the transition went well and how great that you have your own room. We're still praying for you guys.

julie wolfe said...

Great to hear that you are where you need to be for Jude. I will continue to pray for you guys as you prepare to say good-bye to Caleb but know that he is in great hands! Will continue to pray for the swelling to go down and stregth for you and Brandon in the days ahead. My family and I are lifting you guys up in lots of prayer! You all are very special!

Rachel said...

avery and i were looking at baby jude this morning and just saying how beautiful he is! we pray every day for you guys. love you tons!

akuzike said...

thank you for keeping us posted on this trying time in your lives! i'm so thankful baby Jude is off of the dopamine and steadily getting better! we're standing with you in prayer over the transition with Caleb and for the surgery coming up too!

rich menninger said...

Psalm 46.1

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