Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby's Alphabet Wall

I finished Baby's nursery the night before we left town.
It has an alphabet theme to go with the bedding we'd had for Caleb.
I found pretty much every idea I had on Pinterest...
including this one for an alphabet wall.
Find the original here

I am linking to something called Pinterest Challenge,
where you share something you made
inspired by something you found on Pinterest.
It is a site where you can organize in a pretty, visual way
things you've bookmarked on the internet.
You can also see things your friends have pinned.
It is fun...and addicting.
Try it. :-)


tasha said...

I love this! It's so fun & looks awesome, Mandy!!

Stephanie, Daneel, Avalon & Julie said...

You are so cute and crafty Mandy! Love it!

JMC said...

I love this! When my oldest saw the picture she said, "ABC's Mommy!" I asked her if she wanted this in her room and she said, "Yes please, Mommy! Uh-huh!" So, we will see. Where did you find all your letters?

Kellie said...

I love the alphabet wall! I kinda wish that E's room wasn't all finished - this is a great idea! I'll keep it in mind for if we ever have a #2.

Julia said...

I'm always so encouraged by your blog. I love when you update. Love the alphabet wall. You did a great job. I'd love to hear stories behind how you collected/made/found each letter. How's it going in Alb?

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