Saturday, August 20, 2011

Caleb meets Jude...and other happenings

Yesterday, Jude was having such a difficult day that some nurses suggested that he meet his brother as soon as possible.  And, they made an exception with Caleb in light of his cold.  It went well, and it was sweet.  The nurse and Brandon prepared him for the tubes and the beeping and the monitors, and she even covered up the incision from the surgery with a little hat as well as much of the tubing and wires with a blanket.  Caleb loved meeting his brother, and he was able to touch him and give him a high five.  :-) We kept it pretty short, and he soon wanted to go back and see him again. Today, he said something along the lines of "I actually like my brother." 

Jude had a good night.  Such a good night...especially after such a rough day.  We spent much of the night watch with him.  Night is such a sweet time with less people and less interruptions and less conversations with doctors.  It reminds me some of late nights spent feeding Caleb during the newborn phase...with this time spent talking and reading and singing to Jude.  Those are precious times.  We were both even able to hold him last night.  It was good for all three of us.  :-) 

He also had a pretty good day.  It wasn't the rollercoaster that was yesterday, and he looked sooo much better.  The swelling had gone down, and he is peeing well.  I saw him try to open one of his eyes.  I have never seen his little eyes before.  He was also responding so much better to touch and the environment, while yesterday he was very non responsive.  It was a good day.

Please keep praying for strength for us.  We're both really tired,
and I forgot for a while that I am supposed to be recovering from a surgery as well.
Please pray as the cardiology people over at Pres begin to discuss what is next for our little guy.  There is some question as to whether they will be willing to perform the heart surgery.

Please pray our sweet, sweet little baby to stabilize so well
that they can fix his heart (coarctation) and he can go home.  :-)



Bethany said...

We're still praying for all of you and especially little Jude! Rest up when you can, so you can be strong for both your little guys. Caleb looks so cute dressed up to go see his brother... you can still see the excitement on his face through the mask.

The Washburns said...

Love, love, love the pictures of the four of you! Thank you so much for posting them Mandy. Jude is so precious and a beautiful baby! You're on our hearts and in our prayers morning, noon, and night (and lots in between)! We love you all so much. Trusting God for miracles!

Caleb's best buddy said...

A message for Caleb: "Hi Caleb. I like your purple gloves. Your brother looks very cute. I'm glad you got to meet him. I can't wait for you to go home so I can visit you and you can come visit me. I miss you. I think we should build a big fort with my bunk bed and I need you to help me." Love, Taylor

Angie Cousins said...

Oh, I'm so happy that Caleb was able to meet Jude- I was just praying for that the other day. I have more that I want to write and share with you and I'll do that soon, but for now just know that we are still praying many times a day... little Jude is one of the first things I think about when I wake up. We love you guys.

jojo1979 said...

May the Lord continue to bless your time and show you His goodness and Love. We are lifting you all up in prayers of peace, and strength to get thru the days ahead.

John and Jean said...

Such beautiful brothers! Praying that doctors at Pres will be touched by the Hand of God, and know that Jude needs their help in his journey to healing.

When I saw your precious little Jude for the first time, this is what instantly came to my heart:

"Jesus loves me, this I know.
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong.
For we are weak, but He is strong!

Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me,
The Bible tells me so."

kktennessee said...

Mandy, I prayed specifically yesterday that he would open his eyes so you could see them. God answers prayers!!! Praise be to the Most High! I'll start praying specifically for the doctors as Pres now and little Jude Matthew's continued improvement. p.s. Caleb is so cute in that gown! --Karen

Katie said...

He is so sweet! I am so glad Caleb was able to meet him. And praise God that he had a better day. We're praying that each day continues to get better for your little man

rich menninger said...

Isaiah 40.27-31

Wade said...

Thanks for the photos and the blog. I hope you all are feeling the prayers coming from Ottawa!

Jen Kane said...

Love, love, love God's faithfulness in answering prayers: Caleb got to meet Jude, Jude's swelling is going down, you all had some sweet time together! Thanks be to God! We continue to pray regularly! Might you get some good, restorative rest and might God continue to make sweet baby Jude stronger and healthier baby step by baby step, moment be moment! To Him be the glory!
Love and prayers from Ottawa!
-The Kanes

tasha said...

love these sweet, sweet pictures, mandy! the three of us are praying for you all throughout the day and talking about you a ton. jude is on asher's mind and heart all the time along with so many across the globe! praying as well today that you will be able to get the rest and recovery you need, mandy. we are watching and waiting with you precious peltons.

Elizabeth H. said...

You guys are still constantly on my mind, I am so thankful Jude had a good night! The pictures are fantastic, and Caleb is such a trooper too. It must be a family trait. :) I'm praying your list, and that you continue to feel God's hand on you, that you be given His peace, and that you be shown the beautiful and unique purpose God has for Jude - also for a few miracles. Thank you for sharing the updates and photos!

Beth said...

You all are constantly on my heart - praying for medical marveling healing, strength, wisdom, rest, and more sweet memorable moments together! May you feel love and comfort as well as reassurance & peace in the decisions you two are making!
Much love to you from AZ - Beth (Ratliff) Novak

xjcrossx said...

I haven't had the strength to talk to you through all of this. I can't think of a word to say that could make this easier on you. I feel like the air is being sucked out of me every time I think of Jude and you and Brandon. I know that if there is anyone on this earth that could make it through this, it's you. You are such an an amazing person with such faith in God and I know you can see the best in all this. I love you with every bit of my heart and I pray that little Jude makes it through. I want to meet my sweet little nephew. I love you, sister. Hug Brandon for me and tell Jude that uncle Patrick loves him so much and is praying for him.

Cait and Eric said...

I am continuing to keep up with your blog. And, as I continue to keep up with your blog the tears haven't seemed to stop streaming down my face. Your strength and courage amazes me. We are praying for each and every one of you, especially for those prayers deep down in your hearts and souls that may never be said, your medical teams, and all that the future holds. Your story truly shows God's supreme power over all His Earth and your testimonies are shining to all who are in the hospital and see you. May He continue to hold you, guide you, heal you, and be your absolute everything. Prayers and love, Eric and Caitlin Pfeifer

Lynne said...

Praying for rest for you today and that God's healing hand is on Jude. What a gift that your two boys could be in the same room togehter! Thinking and praying for your family often.

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