Thursday, September 22, 2011


Right now, I am sitting next to my baby.  I had to stop holding his hand to write this, so this is going to be quick. :-)

Much happened today.

Jude did not digest his milk last night.  After a while, they checked to see how his digestion was progressing and over half remained in his stomach.  So, they stopped.  I guess that was not surprising due to his heart.  His energy, metabolism, blood flow, etc. are prioritizing other areas of his body right now.

They were able to identify the bacteria that is causing an infection in his lungs.  It is Stenotrophomonas maltophilia.  It is highly resistant to antibiotics, and so they placed him on a new one.  Apparently, the risk factors associated with infections caused by this bacteria are 1) prolonged hospitalizations, particularly in an intensive care setting 2) treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics 3) presence of central venous or urinary catheter and 4) previous treatment with corticosteroids.  ALL of these risk factors are true of Jude.

This infection has caused his heart surgery to most likely be delayed again.  While they were originally thinking Friday or Monday, they are now thinking next week sometime.  We are watching and waiting on Little Boy to see.

Please pray...
for his body to be healed of this infection.
for wisdom for the doctors as to when is the best time for his heart surgery.
for the Lord to be glorified through our little guy's life.

Tonight, I have listened twice to a sermon by Tim Keller on worship.  Here is the summary if you're interested in listening to it:  The worship of the living God gives us peace and equilibrium to face the troubles of life. Worship engages our entire being in adoration and brings us to a sense of joy in God’s ravishing beauty.

Find the sermon here.  

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
let your glory be over all the earth. 

Psalm 57:5

 The beauty of the star smote his heart and like a shaft, clear and cold,
the thought pierced him that, in the end, the shadow was only a small and passing thing.
There was light and high beauty forever beyond his reach. 
Many times he had been defiant rather than hopeful.
He was always thinking of himself.
Now, for a moment, his own fate and even his master's ceased to trouble him,
and he fell into a deep, untroubled sleep. 

-Sam in Lord of the Rings


Bethany said...

Thank you for your encouragement to worship God and your unwavering faith. You are a living testimony to many! We are praying for little Jude! Love you.

tasha said...

mandy, thanks for sharing wise words and reminders and your heart. i'm so glad you got to spend time holding jude's little hand and am praying for lots of sweet times together as such and in increasing measure. we continue to pray for you all and will lift up these most recent requests. we're so thankful that you have invited all of us to walk through this with you and love you and your family so much. baby jude has become a part of our family's heart (as you all have) in this.

Stephanie, Daneel, Avalon & Julie said...

Praying for healing for sweet Jude and praying that no infection or complications would get in the way of God's perfect timing for his heart surgery. Love you guys!

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