Friday, September 23, 2011


Jude went back into the operating room tonight to receive a peritoneal dialysis catheter for his swelling.  It is a temporary solution to get rid of some of his "belly goo," as Brandon calls it.  It will also allow them to put him on dialysis if he needs it during or after his heart surgery.  They estimated that about 300 cc of fluids (about 1 cup) came out immediately.  He looked like a different kid when he got back, and we're praising God for this answer to prayer.

Tonight, we also learned that Jude has a fungal infection near his wound site.  The CSF tested positive for a fungus, and so tomorrow they are going to do a spinal tap to see if it is just a localized infection around his wound or if it is meningitis.  If it is meningitis, he will be treated for at least a month...delaying his heart surgery until after treatment.

Please pray that the fungal infection is outside his brain and not inside his brain.  We should know sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Please pray for Jude's comfort tonight.  He seems to be in pain from the surgery, and he has been harder to sedate lately.

Please pray as well for Cru's fall retreat, High Country Adventure, that is happening this weekend.  Our amazing students and staff are just a few hours north right now, and we got to see some wonderful people today.  We're so thankful for all of them. 


Brooke said...

Man, wow. I can't fathom all your sweet family is going thru. Lifting you up in prayer today! Go JUDE! You are so very amazingly strong! xo

Natalie said...


Gail said...

I'm still following and praying that God will keep giving you and the people involved with Jude's life His wisdom, love, and strength, with much healing where it's needed in Jude's body. My Bible study group is praying for you, too. I just recently held a friend's week-old baby boy and I thought about how amazing it is that each of us start out as a baby and here we are today - living, breathing, and getting to know our God who created us. I'm believing in God for great things for Jude's life. I love you and I wish I were there to see you three!

Phil and Liz said...

Oh Lord how we pray for sweet baby Jude's healing and that he does not have meningitis! Lord we lift up our sweet friends to you. Give Brandon and Mandy much needed rest tonight. Love you guys.

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