Monday, September 12, 2011

From UNM to Presbyterian

With the eventful night we had last night, the doctors felt it more urgent to get Jude back to Presbyterian for his heart surgery.  The newborn transport team just got here, and we should be over there within the hour. 

He could have his heart surgery in the next few days.  We are really grateful for that...and concerned for his heart.

Please pray...
that Jude will do well during the transport.
that his CSF would continue to stay where it should.
that his heart would pump blood as it needs to.
that he would be able to get his heart surgery soon.
and that our trust in the Lord and love for Him would continue to grow throughout this process.



Laura Dexter-Mooty said...

Many prayers for the process...and your strength!

Kel said...

We are praying friend. My kids tell neighbors/strangers/ANYONE to pray for baby Jude...that his pee pee would come. :) We are praying for that as well as his upcoming heart surgery. He's a fighter with the BEST physician!!!

toorman said...

Just as the Lord gave you that awesome encouragement from the sermon yesterday, He is with you and cares deeply...we continue to hold Jude and your family in prayer.

Holly Joy said...

You truly are amazing, Mandy. Praying for you, baby Jude, and the family.

Mallory said...

Dave Bruskas is actually my uncle and i am so glad that the Lord has used his and Aunt Kara's story to speak and relate to everything going on with you and your sweet family...I cannot imagine the journey you are on, but I know bits and pieces of my aunt and uncle's story and I know it's not easy...I also know the Lord has blessed them and their family and has worked in their lives in so many ways...I'm continually praying for you and Jude and Brandon and Caleb.

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