Thursday, September 8, 2011

For when I am weak, then I am strong.

I'm posting early tonight.  I hope to be in bed within the hour. 
Brandon is back at the hospital singing and reading to our sweet Jude.

I mentioned before that we never know what to expect when we get to the hospital each morning.  So much happens on the night shift, and each morning we feel the need again to lay before the Lord our day.  Tests are run in the early morning, and his incisions have been seeming to leak at night as opposed to day.

The news that awaited us this morning was fun to hear.  His incision didn't leak.  For the first time since we have been here, there were no leaks.  We were also informed that we could be leaving for Pres as early as today.  We took the news with both gratitude and caution.  We obviously are very eager for our littlest to have his heart surgery, but we also want his incision completely healed with no chance of needing to come back to UNMH.

The only question on the part of the neurosurgeons and the doctors was whether or not Pres had a bed available.  The neurosurgeon said we were free to go, and that we would need to be back in 7-10 days for Jude's stitches to be removed.  That would require another transport back here, so we're working on that one.

We prayed that Pres wouldn't have a bed for us if the Lord knew he was not ready to leave UNMH.  We soon heard that they were really busy and he could receive better care here for the night, with hope to transfer tomorrow.  Grateful for a quick answer to prayer.

Not much later, Jude coughed and a little CSF leaked again.  It was disappointing, but as I said, we were pretty doubtful that the 24 hours were enough.  The amount was also smaller than ever before, so that was encouraging.  Later in the day, there was a tiny bit on his dressing, but it was still a small enough amount that the doctor thinks we can leave tomorrow.  We're so thankful for the progress...and for God's faithfulness to answer prayer.

Tonight, I'm thanking God...
  • that the CSF leak has slowed down.  
  • for the possibility of going to Presbyterian tomorrow.
  • for my wonderful husband who takes such good care of me...opening car doors, carrying my heavy stuff, making sure I eat, etc.
  • for sweet visitors who came up from Cruces and from across town to see us today.
  • for the incredible kindness and generosity of friends and family.  We're so blessed by you all. 
  • for our medical insurance and Medicaid.  We got our first round of bills today.   
  • that Caleb is in such good hands.  We miss him.
  • for the sweet little baby sleeping while his Daddy reads to him.

Tonight, I'm asking God...
  • for a complete cessation of the leaking and a complete healing of his incision.  
  • for good kidney function and a decrease in his swelling.
  • for Caleb.  He has had some nightmares, and it is hard to talk well with him over the phone.
  • for wisdom for the doctors as to when is the best time to transport Jude.
  • for good health for both of us.  Brandon has a cough, and I am having some headaches and blurry vision.  If we get really sick, then we can't be in the PICU or the RMH.
  • that God's presence and love would be real to both of our boys...even as they sleep. 
  • that we would continue to experience the truth of 2 Corinthians 12:9...a verse that has been playing over and over again in my head.

Thanks so much for trusting God with us
for the healing of our little baby.


Laura Dexter-Mooty said...

Amen and amen. Praying for strength, stamina and glimpses of the future - that do not contain tubes, stitches, rollercoasters or hospital food. And praying for Caleb as well.
Hope you all have an uneventful day. Hugs and love to all...

rich menninger said...

Isaiah 43.1-3

Abigail said...

You have our continued prayers and love for healing and strength.

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