Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Negative Gram Stain Day!!

We are celebrating tonight.  :-)

The initial results from the gram stain from the spinal tap today were negative.  While the final results from the culture won't be available for another few days, we're so thankful for these initial results.  This means that the infection is limited to the area around his wound (unless something starts showing up on the culture in the next few days). Praise God for this sweet answer to prayer.  Please keep praying.

So, the doctors are now trying to identify what fungus has infected his wound and how to treat it.  Please pray that the lab will correctly identify what it is and that the doctors will correctly determine the best way to treat it.  Please pray as well that it clears up quickly so that he can have his heart surgery.

In other news, Baby Boy had an even more elevated white blood cell count today.  We're thankful that his body is able to produce the cells to fight off infection, but we'd prefer that he not need to.  His lung infection seems to have cleared up.  Praise God.  We definitely weren't expecting that to happen so quickly.

Overall, we had a good day with our little guy...after a pretty intense morning.  The Lord is using these seemingly countless times of waiting to teach us over and over again to trust Him.  He might not be always answering prayer according to how we want Him to, but He is up to something greater than we could come up with.  And, we're going to keep praying and praising.

Thanks, Lord.


Anonymous said...

We are praying and praising 2---!!!!

Kellie said...

Baby steps forward still count! Go Jude go!

Abigail said...

Wonderful news. Our prayers continue!

Liz and Phil said...

Praising God today with you guys! Sweet moments of joy, glad to hear you are celebrating! Love you!!! Keep up the good work Jude!!!

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