Sunday, September 18, 2011


Caleb and his cousins watching our video on his birthday.  This photo was stolen from Julia's blog.  Thanks, Julia!
This summer, I read part of the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp as part of a reading group.  I haven't finished it, but God has used it to teach me much about giving thanks.  In the book, she writes of a list she makes of one thousand gifts given to her from thousand things she is grateful for.  I started a gratitude journal that I put down for a while and picked up again this week.  I am going to try to make that goal before we leave the hospital.

Tonight, I am thanking God...
  • for the little boy asleep in the room he shares with his cousins 1,217 miles away. 
  • for the little boy asleep in his crib at the hospital 2 miles away.
  • for my best friend sitting next to me.
  • for all of you walking with us on this journey.
  • for wonderful family caring for our big boy.  See Julia's blog post on C's birthday here.
  • for great nurses and doctors caring for our littlest when we can't be there. 
  • for the fact that He is always with our boys...whether we're there or not. 
  • for Jude's decrease in weight today.  He is less swollen!
  • that He daily bears our burdens. 
  • that we have not felt sorry for ourselves when we see families taking their babies home.
  • that we have this opportunity to wait on God for His healing for our little guy. 
  • that we are learning more about what it means to trust God.
  • that He has provided in pretty amazing ways for our staff team back home. 
  • for all the wonderful students involved in Cru.
  • that we might get to see them when they drive through here to go up to our fall retreat.
  • for friends who will still love me even though I am awful at staying in contact with them.
  • for the possibility of Jude being able to start eating.
  • for our new little freezer to store milk until he does start eating.
  • that we might be up here for the Balloon Fiesta.
  • for computers and cell phones that allow us to stay in better contact with Caleb.
  • that we live in a place and time that has allowed our baby to survive these challenges. 
  • that his cardiac and neurological functioning seem so good considering everything.
  • that God continues to answer prayer.
  • that my cousin Andrea is out of her coma and has even written names out on a whiteboard!
  • that people (even family) are entering into a relationship with God through Andrea's story!
  • that "we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  Romans 8:28


Anonymous said...

Been praying for you and your family. I love the soundtrack you have playing on your blog. Here is a song that I think will be a blessing to you. You may have heard it. It's by Vineyard Music- Yet I Will Praise You- vocals by Melissa Boraski. May this song bring you comfort. God Bless!

Julia said...

Thanks for making that picture look so much better! Time for editing is slim, ha! I need to send them to you first! Love the gifts. I need to pick my notebook up again, too. So thankful for less swelling. Your boy is zooming a lego helicopter all over my computer screen right now :)!

Liz and Phil said...

What a wonderful list Mandy and we praise God too for them!!! We are continuing our journey of how the Lord continues to provide opportunities of gratitude in our lives. Thank you to Julia from us for posting Caleb's birthday..such fun and so glad to see him celebrate! (he should get our stuff next week). praying for peace as you head into Monday and seeing the doctors more during the week. Hope you had some extra sweet moments with Brandon and Jude this weekend. Hug your hubby for us too. Love you guys!

Kristy said...

Caleb looks so content, happy & secure with his cousins and family. I'm sure that brought you great joy and I know you miss the snot out of him too. Your faith is amazing. Think I may start a gratitude list too. Love & prayers, butterfly kisses to Jude!

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