Monday, September 12, 2011

He Cares for Us

I was hoping to have an uneventful post with only the good news of the fact that he has had no more CSF leaks.  Not tonight.

Several things are going on right now as I write this post.  It has been an eventful night, and I think we're both going to stay the night.  There are people in and out of his room, and they are trying to figure out the different things happening with our sweet baby.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctor and nurses.

He is not peeing.  His urine output seems to have slowed way down.
He wasn't getting the same amount of oxygen below his heart as above it.  They increased his prostaglandin, and that seems to have helped.
His respiratory rate is high.  The respiratory therapist has been spending much time in here trying to figure out what is going on. 

His CSF seems to be staying where it should.  :-)
His blood pressure has been pretty good.
Church tonight was really good for us.
Even when the machines were saying he wasn't getting much oxygen below his heart, his pulses were great.

Please pray that they can figure out what is going on with his urine output.
Please pray that he will pee well and that his plumbing would work.
Please pray that his incision would continue to heal. 
Please pray for his heart to continue to do what it needs to.
Please pray for wisdom and love for those caring for our sweet boy.
Please pray that the Lord would be our strength and our shelter.

We have been attending Mars Hill Church since we got here.  It has an evening service that is really convenient for us because there are so many doctors to talk with in the mornings.  We appreciate the opportunity to worship and hear the Word preached. Tonight, the pastor interwove a personal story throughout his preaching on Luke 22.  The story he told was the story of the birth of his son 19 years ago.  His son was born with congenital heart defects that they didn't know about, and he died a few months after birth.  But, the story didn't end there.  The pastor experienced the love of Jesus in ways that he had never before known. 

As the pastor was telling this story, we seemed to know what he was going to say before he said it.  We looked at each other often throughout the sermon, amazed once again at how personal the Lord is. 

Here is the video of the sermon from church tonight, followed by a description of tonight's message.

As we look at Jesus celebrating his Last Supper with the disciples, we see that Communion is about Jesus and the fact that he loves and forgives us. It’s not about our failings or weaknesses; it’s not something we do to be right with Jesus. When you see things from Jesus’ perspective, you realize that his plan is better than yours, his Word is more reliable than yours, and his love is bigger than yours. He’s eager to share this Communion meal with us because he loves us with a love that’s spelled out in blood, a love that we remember with bread and cup.


Angie Cousins said...

I'm praying for you now that today would be an eventful day- a "good" eventful day (as we see good)!:) I'm praying that our Lord would cause all things to work together in Jude's body for good and I'm praying that all the things you asked for prayer for would happen in order for Jude to be able to have his heart surgery soon. And Mandy, I'm praying for rest for you that your body would have what it needs to heal as well. Still can't stop thinking about you friend...

Abigail said...

Praying that today brings less eventful times and some more peace and rest with sweet Jude.

Anonymous said...

Julia told me of your blog and I just finished listening to the message from luke- Wow what a God we serve what a Savior we have- His plans are good... they are the BEST in fact! We are lifting up your precious family - Trusting in the LORD's plans ~He is so very personal and He loves you so much

PS 105:4 Look to the LORD and his strength:
seek his face always

marti & mark teubel
washington, il

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