Thursday, September 22, 2011

Holding Baby Boy

After Jude's most recent surgery, we were really hesitant to hold him.  Nurses were hesitant to allow us.  It is quite a process and requires a team of people to move him.  And, movement seemed to cause more seepage of his CSF.  This week, however, some friends came to visit and really encouraged us to actively seek to hold him.  We're so grateful they did.  Since then, we have enjoyed wonderful hours with our littlest. 

Today's news:  
  • Jude's white blood cell count is high today.  So, they are doing some more tests and waiting on his heart surgery.
  • His platelets were low, and so he received a platelet transfusion to make sure he is ready for surgery when the time comes.
  • He is probably going to get a peritoneal dialysis catheter to get rid of fluids and relieve swelling.  This could happen during his heart surgery or in a separate, earlier trip to the operating room.
  • Jude seemed really sick and uncomfortable yesterday.  We're not sure if it was due to the infection or complications with trying to digest milk.  It was really hard to leave him, and I stayed at the hospital last night.  Today, however, he seemed really comfortable.  He had a much better day. 
  • He has had considerably less CSF leakage around the suture line.  We're so grateful for that!
Please pray: 
  • for continued wisdom for the doctors as they discuss the best timing for his surgery.
  • for healing from his infection. 
  • for Jude's swelling to decrease in spite of the increased fluid intake (lots of antibiotics). 
  • for his wound to continue to heal.  The surgeons have been pleased with it. :-)

t  h  a  n  k        y  o  u


Stephanie said...

Hi - I heard about your blog through a friend, and although I don't know you guys, I've been praying for you. I think you may know my brother, Brad Supple - he is on staff for Cru and I think went on a few trips with one or both of you. I told him about your blog and I know he is praying for you both, too. You are a beautiful family and an inspiration to me. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Saw your blog on a friends post...Your story is heart breaking...Just had a baby myself...God leaves special babies with special people...He wouldn't give you anymore than you could handle...Hang in there...Thoughts and prayers coming your way... Jenny

Jen said...

Yo guys are in our thoughts a prayers daily. Kristen and I start out our day discussing Jude and Andrea's progress from the day before.

Kristy said...

Can't get over your expressions of contentment and joy holding Jude. Cryin' buckets here. Much love and prayers, Kristy
p.s. Brandon your post a couple days ago was so powerful. We need people more than we've been taught...totally healthy to be interdependent. Preach it! :)

Diana Maldonado Tiscareno said...

Amiga que gusto ver sus lindas caras de felicidad, me llenan el corazon de alegria! gracias por compartir estas fotos, los queremos, los extraniamos y estamos orando siempre!

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