Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Plans

The last few days have been so long and so full, and it is has felt pretty hard to summarize each day in a blog post.  Today, for instance, felt like a week.  It's so hard to even think back to this morning.

We didn't leave UNMH today.  We are still here, and we will be here indefinitely.  The incision leaked today, and the neurosurgeons paid another visit.  Jude received more stitches.  The neurosurgeon also inquired about his nutrition...wondering if the lack of healing in the incision had anything to do with his proteins.  He was tested, and his proteins are low.  I think that this means that his body is using up all its resources on other parts of his body that are sick (like kidneys, heart, swelling, etc.) and it's having a hard time healing itself like it should.  So, they started to give him albumin tonight.  Please continue to pray that his incision heals and that this works.

If his incision doesn't heal on its own, we learned tonight that the plan is to take him back into the operating room.  The surgeon will repair the interior (the dura) where the CSF is leaking through.  We had been told that he would not do this because the risks are too great, but we heard that from the ICU doctor and not the surgeon.  I am not sure yet how significant the risks are, but the surgeon seems to think that they are low enough that he can proceed with surgery if necessary.  We were thankful to know that there is a plan if this doesn't work...since nothing else they have tried has worked so far.  

With all of these latest challenges (serious swelling, continued leaking, etc.),  I had been wondering if these were signs that his heart was giving up.  I cried a lot today...wondering what all of this means for our little guy.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one questioning if his heart condition was starting to change.  The doctor ordered an echo to look at the heart.  A cardiologist came up to review the echo, assuming the same thing.  Instead, they were surprised to find out that his heart is doing great in light of its defects.  So, apparently this is all kidney related.  And, the doctor is now trying to communicate with the kidney doctors at UNMH as well as Pres to get their thoughts on how to best treat our baby.  In the meantime, we're praising God for such a strong little heart.  :-)

Random side notes...

I am still not feeling well and have some strange symptoms.  We checked our blood pressure at Wal Mart, and mine seems fine.  I googled my symptoms, and I found out that I might have a CSF leak.  Ha ha ha. That's why it's not a good idea to google medical info.

My sister-in-law, Julia, posted some pics of Caleb.  Thanks, friend!  You can find the post here.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors.  We're grateful for all they did today.
Please pray for the incision to heal on its own without surgery.
Please pray for my health.  I am going to try to go to the doctor tomorrow.
Please pray still for his kidney function to improve and the swelling to go down.
Please pray that we will trust the Lord with our boys.



Anonymous said...

Just reading your post and describing your headaches and high blood pressure, you might have Post Partum pre-eclampsia, Just a thought to look into.

Laini said...

Praying for baby Jude today, and for you Mandy.

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