Friday, January 6, 2012

Whole Hearts

I am a big fan of Matt and Sarah Hammitt...and what God is doing through them.  When Bowen was diagnosed with HLHS, they could have responded differently.  Instead, they trusted Him and let Him use their story to touch the lives of countless others...including every person in my family.

Matt visited us in the hospital on the day of Jude's surgery.  At the time, he didn't know that his wonderful wife was my friend from years ago...or that songs from his CD Every Falling Tear were on repeat in Jude's hospital room...and had been used by God to prepare us to love our son when we were so scared to lose him.  He had simply heard that there was a family in a hospital at a stop on his band's tour...a family whose child had congenital heart defects.  And, he made himself available to be used by the Lord through a visit.

The Hammitts have begun a foundation called Whole Hearts.  The foundation's mission statement is to share God’s love by providing education, support, connections, and innovation for the families of a child living with pediatric congenital heart disease—without boundaries of faith, culture, or economic standing.  We saw a glimpse of that through Matt's visit...and I am excited to see how the foundation grows.  I thank God for how He will use Matt and Sarah to bless the families of children born with congenital heart disease.  He already has done so with us...and I will forever be grateful.

1 out of every 100 children born has a congenital heart defect.  Would you please pray for the Hammitts as they follow the Lord to love in very practical ways the families of these children? It is a very real need to be met.  Would you please pray as well for sweet little Bowen?  You can read more below.

Check out this ABC story about Matt and Sarah and Whole Hearts. It is especially cute when Bowen speaks.
Check out their new Whole Hearts website.
Check out Bowen's story.

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amyfaith said...

Prayers going up for the Hammit family. Special prayers for Bowen and his fears with hospital staff. 36 years later Anna will be upset by anything looking like medical staff or building. Praying peace for Bowen.
love & prayers continue from colorado

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