Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Upside Down Mazes

Caleb really likes mazes...and he is surprisingly good at them.  His latest book of mazes is a little too simple for him, so Brandon gave him the extra challenge of holding him upside down.  So cute.  These two entertain me all the time.  Who needs movies?  :-)

Tomorrow, we finish the final leg of our annual winter travels as we make the long drive home.  I am really eager to get home.  This week has been really difficult, and I am looking forward to routine again.  I know that things are going to be difficult for a while, but at least we will be home.  I like home. 

Thank you for praying.  Please pray for Ellie as well.  We got to see her at the hospital yesterday, and it was WONDERFUL.  Please pray that her EEG would reveal what they need it to.  You can read more here.  Thanks!


amyfaith said...

Praising God for the Brandon & Caleb show :o) smiles are so good. Praying for safe travels home. Knowing our Comforter will be beside you all the way.
Sending up prayers for Ellie, Lord you know her needs, be with her & her family as they go thru the testing. Lord, hug her for all of us who can't.
love & prayers continue from colorado

Jen said...

I went to see your Dad while he stayed overnight after his procedure and you couldn't even tell he had a stint put in. He looked good. Uncle Tom was there to see him and your Mom told him "Greg will be slowing down now". I didn't have the heart to tell her I don't see it. The stints are different now and better. YOur Uncle Jeff just had his redone like your Dad's. So.... all is well here. New Year with good things happening. If he hadn't got to the hospital like he did it would have been very bad. Now he will be fine and many good years left.

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