Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sick Day

This is my photo for today...Caleb sitting in front of the tv with Koala.
He is doing better now with a humidifier and some sleep.
 I really love that boy...and hanging out with him on the couch.

p.s.  Take a look at the wonderful room my super talented sister-in-law, Julia, created for her girls.
I am linking directly to the post, but make sure you look at her previous post about their first floor.
They recently bought a house from the 1800's and are making it beautiful.  :-)


tasha said...

so sweet. i love how he is clutching that koala bear.

Jen said...

Emily and Kristen had the croup all the time. Remember the initial days sound the worst but it is the following days that can develope into something more. The cough is the calm before the storm. Emily and Kristen still sleep with a humidifier at ages 30 and 28. :-)

Angie Cousins said...

Mandy, we are in the same place right now! In fact, yesterday I changed my FB profile pic to a pic of Eli and I snuggling on the couch watching a train video. All 3 of us have been sick this week with some nasty virus (and Joe is in Florida all week)- so there has been a lot of snuggling and videos! I'm hoping that Caleb is better soon and that you get to enjoy a few more cuddles

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