Thursday, January 12, 2012

Embracing the Camera

Last weekend, I found some photos of Jude that I thought
I had lost or accidentally erased...including some favorites.
It was so very good for my heart to find them.

I am sharing this one that Brandon took for Embrace the Camera today.
If you haven't checked out Emily's blog,
she encourages moms to get out from behind the camera occasionally.
It's pretty much every Thursday.

Check it out here:


tasha said...

i love this picture, mandy. you are so beautiful and you and jude are beautiful. thank you for sharing this with us.

Kellie said...

I love this photo. You are both so beautiful.

missy said...

so glad those pix were not lost. love to see you holding your dear one in your arms.

Jen said...

You look different now.

Natalie said...

Such a precious moment captured here.

Mrs.Sanders said...

absolutely beautiful picture! Makes me want to go back and look through my birth pictures.

Sid enote: Love your Tim Keller link on the right ;) Great stuff!

amyfaith said...

lost being found, always and prayers continue from colorado.

Mandy said...

Thanks so much! I am sooooo glad we have these photos still. I love that little baby, and I want to protect those sweet memories. :-)

Julia said...

I've been a bit behind so I'm catching up today. I love love love this picture. You are absolutely glowing and beautiful.

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