Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Christmas

You would think by looking at these photos that they were taken about three weeks ago.
Nope.  I took them today. 

Yes.  We still have our Christmas decorations up. 
In fact, I haven't even unplugged the lights outside our living room window.
And, I still have a few more Christmas cards to send out.  :-)

Today, we finally had our Christmas together as a family.
Travel pushed things back.  We didn't want to carry gifts on an airplane.  So, we waited.
The little boy was most excited about the Nerf guns with targets and protective eye glasses
that I found last summer almost new at a garage sale for $5.

I heart garage sales.
But, I am not too excited about all the orange darts I will be finding in the future.
Now...I think it's finally time to start the annual holiday tear down.
Sorry, neighbors.


amyfaith said...

my decorations are almost in the box - they just wouldn't jump in so i will assist them today. love your pix as always. love and continued prayers from colorado

Jen said...

Do you remember all the swords Jeffrey and Pat use to get. To many guns for me to even count and lets not forget the Ninja stars. They sure did like them. Merry Christmas and I think it's great you guys made it last longer than one day:-) You truly got to enjoy the season! You didn't let people rush you!

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