Sunday, January 29, 2012

Holding on to Hope

Several weeks ago, my pastor shared a copy of
a talk given by Nancy Guthrie at a Peacemakers conference.
It was called Holding on to Hope.
On Thursday, I listened to it...
then I listened to it again...
and again.

It was that good.
It is the best talk on suffering I have heard so far.
In it, she says:

We think He hasn't delivered on the promise
we thought He had made to us.
We tend to define love as a commitment to our comfort.
But God's love for you and me is not defined nor expressed most significantly
by God's willingness to make us comfortable or successful or healthy or happy.
 God's love for us is defined by His commitment to our ultimate good 
and our eternal, unending joy...
which is found only in relationship with Him.

Nancy knows what it means to suffer.
The next time you're making dinner or washing the dishes,
check out her story.  It will definitely be time well spent.

You can find the video of her talk here.
You can also find the audio here if you would like to download it.


amyfaith said...

awesome post. love & prayers comtinue from colorado

Nancy Guthrie said...

So sad with you over your loss of Jude and so grateful you found companionship with me through my message.

Kate said...

Amazing and I so thank you, for this is what I need to hear on this week when my sweet girl should have been born-taken too early back to heaven at 18 weeks. Jude is still touching strangers through his life- God has accomplished his purpose in Jude's life here on earth, all 67 days of it, and true, is STILL using your sweet boy to minister to hurting and aching hearts. Thank you for allowing those you don't know you personally to be blessed through your journey. Peace to you and your family, I read all the time. Thank you.

Kel said...

i HAD to share this on my Facebook. This is fantastic and super accurate, right? wow! thanks for posting this

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