Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Entry into Homeschooling

   Last week, Caleb and I began homeschooling.
So, on the days he doesn't go to his wonderful preschool,
he gets to do some school work with me.

It has been something I have wanted to do for years.
 And, we are both thoroughly enjoying it.
I love watching his mind work, 
and I am so grateful to get to watch how he develops.

I am so thankful for this opportunity.
And if you're interested, I am (at this point) using a blend of Sonlight, Timberdoodle, My Father's World, How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and random books and tools I have found at garage sales over the years.  :-) 
And, I also welcome any advice for a homeschool newbie.


Anonymous said...

how fun! although it's been very challenging for me as well since i have a VERY strong-willed child. we're doing a character-based preschool curriculum this year, plus kindergarten math (Math-U-See), reading (Bob books), and sight words (done w/kindergarten list, now on 1st grade list). We'll be doing My Father's World next year for Kindergarten. My objective this year was to get a good foundation in Biblical character, morals, and scripture verses.
~elizabeth house

Julia said...

So exciting to hear. I'm pretty sure at this point I'm going to keep Maggie home next year. Did you borrow your resources or buy them? I'd love to see a sample week curriculum as to how u r blending them all together.

Anonymous said...

You are very blessed to have this opportunity and support to homeschool! I do love the BOB books. Enjoy your time together learning!


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