Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Camping Adventure

Last weekend, my wonderful friend, Renee, and I went camping.
Renee is my kindred spirit when it comes to nature and adventure...
and we were both desperately needing to be outside.

So, we packed up the car, said goodbye to our families, and headed to a nearby state park.
After setting up camp, we enjoyed the beautiful sunset.
As we watched, we spotted a group of animals we had never seen before.
They are called javelina and are somewhat related to wild pigs.  So cool.

Then, we walked across the rocks to take the opportunity
to observe the night sky through a powerful telescope.
And, we saw this:
It's Jupiter and three of its moons.  It was beautiful.
I took this photo through the eyepiece of the telescope, 
and so you can't see the lines of the storm at the center of the planet.  But, our eyes could.
This particular park is in the middle of nowhere, so the stars at night are amazing.
I shot this photo of star trails there a few years ago.

Later, as we were enjoying the fire, the wind started to pick up.
And, by "pick up," I mean it started blowing so hard
that we had to scramble to find our things that had begun to blow away.
As I was putting some of those things in the tent,
I quickly felt it starting to collapse on me.
The wind had broken our tent.

We aren't meteorologists,
but we estimated the wind gusts to be around 50mph.

So, we put out the fire and settled in for the night in our minivan...
where it was warm and quiet and safe from the wind that howled all night.
We may not have been outside,
but we still had lots of fun talking and reading.
 And, I got my beauty fix.

To both of our husbands who watched the kids...
Thank you.


tasha said...

that looks like such a wonderfully refreshing, awe-filled, fun time. so glad God gave it to you both!

Holly said...

I wondered how you two were doIng in all that wind. Glad you didn't lock yourselves out of the van ;) and glad I didn't go. Love you!

amyfaith said...

not a camper myself, but i love others photos and went to look at the star tracks too. they were awesome! love how God puts paintings in front of us ♥ prayers & love continue from colorado

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