Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 365

In the four years since I have had a DSLR,
I have wanted to complete a Project 365...a photo a day for a year.
Fear of failure has kept me from attempting it.
But, the daily record that we now have of our sweet baby's 67 days are precious to me.
That, plus the desire to improve in photography, have been enough motivation to do it this year.
I am not sure in what format I am going to share them online,
but I know I want to make a book...probably like this one.

 Have you...or anyone you know...ever completed this?


girldowdy said...

About to finish mine on Wenesday!! :) Go Mandy!!! You can do it!! It will bless you in many ways. And I look forward to being blessed by it as well!

Darcie Santoyo said...

I keep seeing this project on different blogs, it looks so fun! & your first photos are awesome. Love "his name" haha!
Oh and i so want to be a soccer mom!

Holly said...

I am excited to see more pictures from you!! You are already such a great photographer... I really want to get better at taking photos. Maybe I will take a class sometime when I am a little less insane :) and you didn't tells Caleb is on a soccer team now! So is Trevor. Maybe they will play against each other. ;)

Andrea Bullok said...

Great pictures! What a great idea! Maybe I will practice this year and give that a try in the future! Blessings for a beautiful year!

amyfaith said...

i take many photos, but do nothing with them. your format is awesome, should do that with my grandboys as i am their nanny too. you pictures have always been awesome, but being intentional with you format and doing it each day will be awesome!
love & prayers from colorado

Mandy said...

Charissa, that is so great! Your photos are beautiful! What are you going to do with them now?

Thanks, friends. I am still practicing...and practicing is helping. I could really use some critical input, but it is just a hobby.

And maybe if I follow through this year, we could do it together next year. :-)'s never too late to start.

Julia said...

For some reason, your words on the soccer pic make me cry. I love the idea of project 365 but I don't think I could pull it off. Maybe next year. Love you, sis!

Jen said...

"Maybe I can make it a little better" and he replied, "make it bigger". He wanted it a lot better, remember, Aunty Hester's. It took me a minute to understand what he really wanted. Sounds like me and God. Trying to figure out what he is trying to tell me to do.

Candis said...

Have you ever heard of Project Life? It is a kit that comes with a beautiful album and journaling cards to journal about each day/picture. I attempted to do one last year since we had such a full year, but also failed to take a pic every day since life was so crazy. It's half filled, and hopefully I'll finish it soon. BUT, I think it would be perfect for you and your beautiful pictures. Just google Becky Higgins Project Life and you'll find it.

Anonymous said...

I've loved my blurb books.
~elizabeth house

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