Thursday, January 19, 2012

Post-Christmas Gingerbread Destruction

We started a new tradition today:  destroying our gingerbread houses.
He was initially a little sad at the thought, but it was better than the alternative...the trash can.
It was really fun...especially for a boy.

 3 things  about our little boy:

He can't really be described as physically affectionate.
He really likes to destroy things.
He has A LOT of personality.

I am linking up with Emily today.


amyfaith said...

caleb is adorable and matches my oldest grandson kingston as far as the affection, destruction, and mega personality :) God bless these young men and the smiles they bring to our faces. love and prayers continue from colorado

Hespyhesp said...

Too cute! I can totally relate. One of my little guy's nicknames is "Destructo!"

Julia said...

Um so how has no one mentioned your hair yet??? Love it. Love that you went for big major change. It's super cute. Love the destroyed gingerbread too but really this post should be about your hair!!

Larissa said...

Hey, there! I wanted you to know that I haven't heard from Janet re: Felt hearts yet. But I'll let you know when I hear from her today.

(and have to comment - oh, what a beautiful blessing tiny Jude must have been! Thanks for sharing about him!)

tasha said...

i think caleb and asher would get along from those three things. :) and, you look so lovely. love your bangs 9and you)!!!

Larissa said...

Mandy, to answer your question about the felt hearts kit, just partial is fine! Use it all or use some.

amyfaith said...

happy sunday mandy brandon & caleb. love & prayers from colorado

Mrs.Sanders said...

Sounds like our boys are a lot alike ;) That is such a fun idea! We might have to try it next year.

Erika said...

Hello friend! I continue to love you and pray for you from afar as I read your blog. If you'd like, you can show Caleb how some friends destroyed a gingerbread house..."East Asia style"! On youtube, search "Gingerbread vs Thunderking". You should find it. :)

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