Friday, December 2, 2011

25 Days of Books

I finally got around to wrapping the rest of the books today.  We love this new tradition, and it is really the first time I have read to Caleb in the six weeks since Jude died.  It was too hard after having spent so much time reading with our baby boy.  So, this has been good for me.

I have wanted to incorporate some kind of list of fun Christmastime activities to do with Caleb...kind of like our summertime bucket list.  But, I want to keep things simple.  So, this year I just wrote the name of each wrapped book on its back along with an idea or two to do if we feel up to it.  This way, I am not committed, and we can do what we feel like that day.

Aside from the one I shared yesterday, below is the list of our books...along with the activities.
I would love to hear any recommendations for new ones. :-) 

Jacob's Gift - "Whenever you give a gift to one of God's children, you give a gift to God."
The Tomten  Make a snow globe.
A Very Good Snowman  Make a snowman (real or with a hot glue gun).
The Crippled Lamb   Help someone who is physically disabled.  Or, serve someone in the hospital. 
Merry Christmas, Little Mouse  Give cookies to friends.
A Christmas Treasury  Make Christmas cards with pastels. 
Frosty the Snowman  Learn and sing Christmas songs.
The Tale of Three Trees  Do a woodcraft together.
Corduroy's Christmas Surprise  Create our first gingerbread house.
Claude the Christmas Dog  Gather together a donation box of things we don't need for those who do.
Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree  Make a Christmas tree craft together. 
The Farolitos of Christmas  Attend the luminaria event on campus...and make our own.
My Christmas Stocking  Make a stocking by lacing together punched holes in fabric or paper.
Baboushka I forgot to look at this one before wrapping it.  Don't know yet.  :-)
A Christmas Gift for Mama  Make a really special gift for someone together.
Clopper and the Night Travelers  Attend a "Walk Thru Bethlehem" event at a church.
A Snowy Day  Make snow playdough, and play a guessing game by making tracks in the "snow."
The Snowman  Make Christmas cards with pastels or colored pencils and glitter.
T'was the Night Before Christmas  Attempt to write a poem together.
Alabaster's Song  Make an angel craft.
Six Snowy Sheep  Act out the different activities. 
Geraldine's Big Snow Drink hot chocolate after (hopefully) enjoying snow outside. 
White Snow Bright Snow  Make Christmas cards on black paper with white paint or pastels.
Dick and Jane: A Christmas Story  Bake and decorate cookies together.
Picture Me Under the Christmas Tree    Do something silly with photos...such as Elf Yourself.
Santa's Favorite Story     Paint with watercolors...possibly Christmas cards.

p.s.  Amy Faith, would you be willing to give me your email address?  :-)


amyfaith said...

Love 25 days of books,what an awesome way to celebrate our Lord's birth. love & continued prayers from colorado.

The Luh's said...

great idea!!!

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