Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Advent Season

Tomorrow, December begins.
Christmas is more important to me than ever...
as I better get to know the One whose birth we celebrate.  Yet, it is so easy to get distracted by all that our culture has turned Christmas into.  I so want to focus my heart on His.

So, I am planning on reading this book:  

And, I am really looking forward to reading this one:

And as a family, we are doing a Jesse Tree again this year.  So...after (almost) finishing my advent calendar and Jesse tree ornaments, this is what my desk looks like...and the floor...and Brandon's desk...and I am leaving it that way tonight.  :-)

I will write more about the Jesse Tree tomorrow, but if you want to learn more, check this site out. 


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amyfaith said...

Praising God for my visit with you each day. Thank you for sharing your walk with us. love & prayers continue from colorado

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