Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Tonight, I am thankful for friendships that began about a decade ago
and continue just as strong as ever.

I am thankful for friendships that began at birth
with friends who say things like,
"Someday...when we are married...we will live with my mom and dad."
"No, we will live with mine."
"No, mine."

I am thankful for Purdue basketball games and quality time spent with my Dad...

And, I am thankful for the wonder in a little boy's eyes while seeing Christmas lights.

I am thankful as well for...
late night movie runs to Wal Mart with my Dad,
leftover sausage and egg casserole made by Mom,
and a visit tomorrow to a little grave in a small town cemetery.


tasha said...

such beautiful things to be thankfulf for. love those pictures.

Anonymous said...

I went to that little cemetery the other day for a few minutes _ just to check on things. And I found the prettiest Christmas wreath on the sweetest spot there.

I stood a minute and waved a little, "Hi" to the angel in heaven to let him know I was there.

Glad you will be getting to be there also. Thinking of you all, especially this week.


Chris and Angie Dunsmore said...

Welcome back to Indiana, Love. Know it's gonna be a hard week for you guys. We are thinking about you!
Lots of Love, Angie

Liz said...

Thanks for posting the pictures friend. What a sweet blessing of the day together! Such a great reminder of the Giver of all good gifts and the wonderful reason of this season! I am thankful for those gifts you mentioned as well! Can't wait to show the girls the pictures in the morning! Love you!

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