Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Simple Things

This is what our lawn looked like the morning after our first snowfall.
Tonight I am thankful for...

friends who made gingerbread houses with us today and others who played games with us tonight.

the video I just watched of Jude trying to play with his toy.

the deep, rhythmic breathing I listened to as I checked in on my sleeping little boy.

a friend who brought an amazing dinner to us.

the snow that forced our six huge trees to give up all of their leaves.

the light that has flooded our house as a result.

burst pipes that remind me what a blessing running water is.

a warm home, warm clothing, clean water, good food and a loving family.

I am blessed.


Holly said...

Our pipes burst too. Outside, thankfully. And that is exactly what our yard looks like, front and back!! It is so pretty even though it means hours of work. :) love ya friend, I am grateful for you.

amyfaith said...

What an awesome & mighty God we have! Lord thank you for never ending blessings- we love You! love and prayers continue from colorado.

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