Monday, December 19, 2011

The Nursery in the PICU

( Collage Credit )
Sharing photos from Jude's little home last night,
I realized that I still had yet to share photos from that hospital room
that became his nursery.

So, from the top clockwise...

I used poster putty to hang all the cards that so many of you sent us.
They encouraged us every day.
And, they looked really pretty too.
On a sliding glass door, I made a large tree out of paper circles and photos for Jude.
The pinterest inspiration can be found here.
At some point, Brandon brought up a wire frame I had made this summer.
We hung it on the wall with 3M removable adhesive, and it made things feel more homelike.
The pinterest tutorial can be found here.
I happened to have these little metal letters when we arrived in Albuquerque,
and they adorned first his NICU bed and then the top of the fridge in his room.
As I mentioned before, Chrissy and Katie brought me scrapbook supplies to make a mobile for Jude.
Thanks, friends!  That was so thoughtful.  I ended up making much more than just the mobile. :-)
Here is the tutorial for the paper globes.
My beautiful friend, Tasha, sent us a really sweet package that included these alphabet flash cards.
I used poster putty to put them on a post at the head of his case anyone forgot his name.
They were very cute!  Thanks so much, Tasha!
I also made a little banner and hung it up around Jude's ceiling to bring a little color in.
The inspiration can be found here

It was a huge blessing to have the freedom to make Jude's little room our own.
We loved Room #2 of the PICU on the 6th floor of Presbyterian Hospital...
as well as the staff who came in and out all day long and throughout the night.
Thanks, friends.

p.s.  Today was the birthday of a good friend of mine, Holly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, friend!
p.s.s.  Make sure you google "Let it Snow." :-)


Andrea Bullok said...

What a beautifully adorned home you gave Jude even though it was not the one you had planned for. I am certain he felt your love and the love of others each time he opened his eyes to and saw all these special things around him.

Holly said...

Soooo beautiful, Mandy. He had a special little home. And your little house-collage is adorable. And thanks for the birthday wishes and the phone call! :) Love you.

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