Monday, December 19, 2011

A Hospital Visit

 Today, we visited our little baby's home.
We got to see some of the people who loved and cared for our baby each day...
and whom we grew to love as well.

It was sooooo good to see so many friends.
We even had breakfast with one of them.  Thanks, Sara!  :-)
It was healing...and just really, really fun.
There are still plenty who weren't there,
and so we hope to stop in again sometime in the near future.

Jude's room was empty, so we were able to spend sweet time in there.
Caleb got to see a helicopter land outside the window,
and we were able to just spend time walking around and remembering.
We even found a little bit of poster putty
left on the ceiling from something I had hung for Jude.
It was a sweet little reminder that we were there.

We were definitely there.

Thank you, Lord, for the sweet time in Albuquerque...
and for the little boy you placed there for 67 days.
And, thanks so much if you prayed for this trip.
I had somehow left unpublished last night's (Saturday) post,
so there are now two.  :-)


amyfaith said...

So thankful this trip had sweet memories. love and prayers continue from colorado

Andrea Bullok said...

Thankful for your time of rememberance and healing in Albuquerque. May God continue to draw you to Him as you grieve. Continued prayers to you all.

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