Saturday, December 17, 2011

To save a baby...

When we found out five months into pregnancy that our baby boy had Down Syndrome, it was my hope that this blog would become something used by God to show women what a blessing a child with Down Syndrome can become to a family.

While I haven't written much about this because of the intense pain I feel when I hear this statistic, the reality is that 92% of babies with Down Syndrome are aborted.  Ninety-two percent!  Of every ten children with the extra 21st chromosome, only one survives the womb.

It was my dream that my baby's life would save the life of another sweet little baby.

It still is.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine called me to ask if she could use three photos I took of Jude.  She wanted to place them in the ultrasound room of a clinic that provides resources to pregnant women in the hopes of preventing abortions, Turning Point.  The hope is that when a parent sees a photo of a baby's foot or little fingers, they might choose to let their child live.

Would you please pray that the Lord would use these photos to save the lives of babies?  I am so grateful for that possibility.

And, would you please pray for Turning Point?  If you are local, they are looking for financial donations as well as practical baby items to bless the new mommies.

When they were training the wonderful staff
on their new ultrasound machine,
they used me and Jude as practice.  :-)
I got to look at my baby for a really long time.  Here is a video they recorded for us.
I used to put it on loop and
just watch it over and over again...
our sweet little peanut.

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amyfaith said...

Praying for Turning Point. Praising God for your witness. Thanking God for His perfect plans. love & prayers from colorado

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