Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Tonight, as I sit here in the dark of our hotel room,
I listen to the sweet breathing of my husband and my son...
and the abrasive police sirens on the streets of New Orleans.
And while I sit here, I miss the beauty of the mountains
and those soft cheeks I loved to kiss so very much.

I am not at all eager to get home...
to cooking...and to reality.
But, it will be good to be with people we love...
and give some stability to our lonely cat.

Thank you so much for praying for us.

Would you please pray for my incredible cousin, Andrea, and her family?
As I have written before, she suffered a traumatic brain injury in the Sugarland stage collapse, 
and her life has been an unbelievable testimony to the power of God ever since.
He is so beautiful in her.  

You can read more about her journey here and here.

God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1 

p.s. Please forgive the randomness of this post.  I am tired.


amyfaith said...

Jesus delights in us. :) Will be praying for Andrea. God gave me this and i want to share it with you. praying you get some rest- praying your travels take as long as they need to.
Psalm 16:5-6
Your Lord, are all I want!
You are my choice,
and You keep me safe.
You make my life pleasant,
and my future is bright.
vs 11
You have shown me
the path of life.
and You make me glad
by being near to me.
Sitting at Your right side,
I will always be joyful.

praying up joy for you- prayers & love from colorado

Jen said...

Mandy, The article in the paper was really nice. If you would like a copy I will send it to you although I figure your Mom will do that. I try and think about what you are going through and it makes me feel selfish for my own complaints. When you lose someone you love it is such a giant whole in your heart you sometimes wonder if it will ever heal. I know yours will. God is truly with you and your family. You know the true meaning of faith. Don't ever stop showing the rest of us how it is to be done. I don't have to see God to know he is there but I do need people to show me how to forgive and how to deal with loss. You have taught me more than I ever could have learned on my own. Please keep teaching. Tell Brandon I hope to see more postings from him too. You both are a work of God's true hopes for us as believers.

mary Lou said...

just words of encouragment for you--yes, it will be a sad adjustment to your regular life without Jude. Since God will be with you, it will be "doable"...He understands that you are made of dust and worn out. He knows. He sees, and He's ok with you just being however you are. Some words of His will come to you each day and guide you, comfort you, give you hope. You are so loved.

Christy-Lee said...

Life is one random moment after another. We never know what we will get or how we will deal with it. Just going through it all with the Lord holding onto us is all we can count on. No matter what the subject, testimony to the Lord is a powerful thing. I appreciate how well you (and Brandon) do that. Thank you for your faithful witness.

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