Friday, November 11, 2011


We received this beautiful figurine from some friends tonight.
It made me cry.

So did our house when I saw that it had been cleaned again by other amazing friends,
and it definitely needed it.

Not only that, but we also had a stocked freezer full of food
and a table full of sweet cards from lots of people we love.

We received notes as well from the Ronald McDonald House
saying that friends had donated on behalf of Jude,
and another group of 12 friends are together
sponsoring a child through Compassion...
one for each month of the year.
Still another has already chosen a child to sponsor
with the same birthday as our baby boy.  

If my friend, whose decision to adopt was in part influenced by our son,
is blessed with a boy, she told me that she will give him the middle name Jude.

And just now, I saw that another friend had shared this photo with me.

We have been unbelievably blessed by the people in our lives.
There are not words to accurately describe how it feels to be loved like this.
Thank you all for letting the Lord love us through you.


amyfaith said...

more prayers & love from colorado

Laura said...

so thankful you are being cared for by good friends...means you guys have been good friends to them. Continuing to pray for you from maryland.

Heath Haussamen said...


Andrea Bullok said...

It is so very sweet to hear how you are being cared for my those around you - the church body is so beautiful when it functions as it should. Continued prayers for you as you adjust to being home again.

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