Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcome Baby Israel!

Our good friends and fellow NMSU Cru staff, Vince and Holly, welcomed their sweet little boy, Israel, into the world yesterday.  He is so super cute, and we are really excited that he is here.  We have been waiting a while.  

Izzy was born with an omphalocele, meaning his abdominal cavity didn't develop normally, and some of his intestines are in a sac on the outside of his body.  Yesterday, they learned that some of his liver is in the omphalocele as well...that was a surprise.  He is having surgery on Monday, so please pray for his healing. 

Check out her blog for more info.  

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Sarah said...

Just saw your comment on our blog. We're still without internet so I feel very disconnected! So great to hear from you! CANNOT believe your little one is TWO! He's adorable and you all are a beautiful family!

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