Friday, September 19, 2008


At any park we go to, all Caleb wants to do (apart from hanging out with every family besides his own) is swing on the swings.

So, Brandon built him a tree swing.  He has always been fine on the big kid swings, so we thought he would do just fine on this one.  Brandon built it from some wood we had for one of his many learning activities he takes people through. 

He hung it from a perfect branch in our front yard. 

And Caleb LOVED it!

That is, until this happened.  It was a pretty big "owwwwieee,"  but not too bad that I didn't take a picture of his sweet little face.  

And now this is what the tree swing looks like.  

Caleb just points at it and says, "swiiiiing!"  Sometimes he accompanies it with "owww."  For now, the poor swing lies motionless, but we're sure it won't be too long before he begs us to swing him again.  This time we just probably won't push him as high. 

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