Saturday, September 27, 2008

Taylor Meets her Sister

As most of you know, the Washburns are some of our closest friends.  They are on our staff team, and it is pretty impossible to imagine life here without them. 

Liz gave birth to Aliana Grace seven weeks ago.  Their first daughter, Taylor, is two months older than Caleb and is his very best friend.  Because she had stayed with us when her new sister was born, we were there when Ali met her big sister.  Although Taylor had a pretty emotionally difficult time at first, she soon warmed up to the little person who was no longer in Mommy's belly.  It was such a sweet scene, and it was a blessing to be there. 

As I mentioned, this happened almost two months ago.  Today, I got to take some more pictures of that sweet little girl that I will post soon.  

Hopefully it won't be too long before we get to see similar pictures of Baby Israel Hoppe who was born this afternoon.  Please pray for him and the challenges he has ahead of him with the surgery for his omphalocele and other possible complications...and for Holly and Vince, our good friends.  For more info, check out Holly's blog.  Their faith is such an encouragement to me. 

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